Thursday, June 23, 2011


I know that lots of people have seen THIS home. It is blowing up all over blogworld. How can you forget it? How am I just now talking about it?

For me, this home has so many elements that caused me to stop and completely become inspired on how to create a home that embodies a true personality, infuses color with neutrals, and drips with accessible style.

In fact, one of my new blogger buddies from The Mint Juelp Jaunt said it perfectly:
"There are so many pops of color, but it’s balanced with neutrals like whites and beiges."
I am definitely smitten.

I would love to have this be my entrance EVERY day.

I love white kitchens....these would only be more perfect with me in it. :)

So many facets I love: the paneling, the repurposed barn wood flooring, the fabrics, the ceiling, the touch of sparkle...{I will stop b/c I could go on and on}.

This room was made for Thurgood.

I could definitely cuddle with "someday" Baby #2 in this room...look at the doorknobs!

Oh...It is like this homeowner knew my love of barn doors.

And yet...they top it off by using stones in Master Bath. Here Mr. B thought I was a nut. How am I not living here?

So where am I going with this? Well...if my little family didn't merge into a big house with my parents, I have been playing with the idea of buying a smaller home {even staying in my subdivision...I LOVE my neighborhood} and indulging in the inspirations found from this home and merging it into my dream home.

I think you can take all the elements here and recreate them on a scale that is accessible without building custom or buying $$$$. I know I have been dreaming about attempting it....and what a divine dream to fall asleep to.



  1. Eeeeek! if I could live in a gorgeous home like that I would think I had died & gone to princess heaven!!!!

  2. Those doorknobs! And those stones are so different! And those walls in the nursery! I'm so saving these photos for my inspiration file.

  3. Sigh...I am in love! So glad to hear you are feeling better!

  4. I love "Thurgood's room"! Actually, I love the whole house! But, I am with you about sticking to smaller. Even when Nicholas and I welcome Kraft baby #2, even when he gets tenure and makes more money, even when the kids get older and want garage space, we are truly considering sticking with our just about 2K square foot house...without a basement. I think it might be cozy... We'll see what I say when all that comes to fruition!

  5. Wow, how have I missed this house? I have been behind on checking blogs (along with everything else) since baby has arrived, but glad I found this here. Love it!

    I didn't know you had moved in with your parents, again must be behind. But I agree that this could definitely be put into place in a smaller scale home. Gorgeous!

  6. Wow, what a beautiful home - I have not seen it before! I'm with you - I could move in and live quite happily there!



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