Who is MeganDVD?

No..my name is not Megan. :) It is my alias...and yes, I am so chic and posh that I have an alias. Hehehe.

I am thrilled though to have peaked your curosity {maybe it will be enticing enough for you to stay a while.}

While I piddle the hours away studying and perfecting the role of my future profession (currently I am a full-time pharmacy student but I am a recovering academic as I taught high school for 7 years), strive to be the best partner in crime with my husband in this dance called marriage, and raise a smart, happy, & loving little boy....I also relish in every opportunity to indulge in my artistic cravings.

There is sheer beauty in the attempt of living life to all its possibilities and I have promised myself to be ever true to that philosophy. Share in my adventures...I promise you it will be worth the price of admission.

For more insight on who I really am...please read this. :)

I can not wait to see more of you.

e {my real name starts with this letter}


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