Monday, July 5, 2010

when you wish upon a star

The Moravian Star Pendant...I swoon every time I see one. I think they create such an ambiance. These little stars also remind me of my travels to the Middle East with my father as part of my graduation present from high school.

Of all the elements I desire for my forever home, this one is at the top of the list. Just look at how a little star can create such drama in all of the rooms below (most of these photos are from my dream home files. If you know of the source, please share).

Everyone loves this image from House Beautiful...and it is the star that does it for me.

Lovely in a bedroom

A pair of them? Even more delightful!

What an enchanting place to study amid the stars.

Any house with this porch would have me at hello.

This hallway reminds me so much of the Mena House in Cairo. They had hallway after hallway of star pendants.

The foyer of one of the homes my father and I toured. I was giddy when I first walked in.

There you have it. One of my all-time favorites. I can already picture that star pendant hanging amid my Farmhouse bed. In fact I have already Polyvored the images for my future master bedroom and it makes my mouth water. Oh my...I am such a hot mess.

This is the closest picture I can find that mirrors the image in my mind.

So now I need one of you to give Mr. B the BIG hint that I want one. It just so happens that Pottery Barn has one. If only my birthday was in July or August!



  1. I never knew they were called Moravian stars. You're right - they are beautiful. And PB knows the way to a girl's heart, right?

    Hope you get your early (or late) birthday wish....

    :) Laura

  2. I can see why you love the stars, they are gorgeous and the pics you found showcase them beautifully. Keep hinting! xx

  3. You DO love them, too :) The black library photo is from Vogue Living. You know I love them...I have three! Ballard Designs also has one. I think two of mine are from PB, one from Ballards...both great prices. Aren't they fun? Can't wait to read more on your blog! Julie

  4. Oh I love those too, I bought a hand blown lamp from the site below and they sell them there in colors! I am trying to think of a place to hang one...

  5. Oh! They are beautiful! Maybe you could celebrate your 1/2 birthday or just make up a holiday. My personal fav. "You have the best wife in the world and today you should buy her ___ day". It doesn't always work, but it's worth a try! :)

  6. Oooh, you MUST get one so I can vicariously live my decor fantasies thru you.

    You're welcome to present that to Mr. B as further proof that he needs to get you a Moravian star. I love helping. =]

  7. i'm drooling! i've always been a fan of the star pendant. what a cute blog by the way! can't wait to see more.


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