Tuesday, March 13, 2012

move in & love me

Our house went on the market less than 2 weeks ago, so I thought I would dive right in and inquire with no shame {maybe a dash of fear} in regards to ---- how do the pics look? Before you ask..yes, these are the realtor pictures. Yes, they are the general pics that may lack a tad bit of sparkle and character, but it is what we currently have online and what the public see.

I am playing with the idea of taking a few myself and see what emotions I can bring to the online page. Afterall being online is not the only key to a successful sale, but having another family truly fall in love with our home.

The front view: I am thinking of adding some black urns and flowers underneath the garage lanterns. Thoughts?

A view of our great room

another view

and yet another view

a view of the dining room & kitchen

another kitchen picture

and yet another.

our hall bathroom

our master bedroom

our little boy's room

another view

I am thinking of exploring giving my home its own website and fill it will light filled photos that take advantage of as many different perspectives as I can.

I just need people to walk thru the door. I think my home will take care of the rest.

I need your thoughts and feedback...I need your help to sell my home.


Sunday, March 11, 2012

32 weeks...and counting

Here we are...baby and mommy with less than 8 weeks to go. Since our little home is now on the market, I am not planning on creating a nursery in this house. I plan to save that sweet little endeavor for the new home. (I am obviously optimistic that we will be gone sooner than later.)

As for where baby will rest her little head, I have found the perfect solution for our situation.

Isn't it divine? There are so many elements of the bassinet that I adore. I love how sturdy it is and that it has wheels that lock. Perfect for moving baby around to the "quiet" corner of the house. I also heart the peek-a-boo shelf hidden beneath the skirt.

This shelf will be ideal for holding the necessities without running from room to room. I can already see diapers, burp cloths, and a few onesies calling that shelf home.


Thursday, March 8, 2012

how to get the bathroom countertops clean of clutter

Sorry for being a stranger. Just been working as well as being a mommy to one outside the womb and inside the womb.

Anywho, remember one of my oldest design dilemmas? Visit here and here to refresh your memory. Well I have the perfect solution to achieving a blissful, spa-like nirvana in your master bathroom.

Put your house on the market.

As of March 2nd, our little home is now for sale.

Look how clean that countertop is now! Oh....and yes, the base has been painted. I will update you on all the home decor updates I did in February {I guess you can see if I chose my "selling" elements wisely). Let's just say I have been very busy in preparing for March.

I am excited and terrified all at once.


Monday, February 6, 2012

welcome little leo

Amid the whirlwind of living life, it sometimes takes a simple picture to remind you how miraculous life is.
Christine with her two lovely children, Leo and Olivia

Welcome to the world little Leo. I have no doubt you will change the world and make it a better place..afterall with just a simple snapshot, you made my soul smile. 

You have one amazing mom little Leo. She is so strong and beautiful..you are so lucky. Know you are always safe in her arms and will be forever loved. I look forward to meeting you, little Leo.

Feel free to see more of Mr. Leo and Miss Olivia here.


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

thank you pinterest

I rarely buy magazines. Not only are they quite pricey, but the internet quite easily fulfills all the eye candy I can feast upon in an evening (maybe too much sometimes).

Anywho, it was the summer of 2010 and I was starting my pharmacy rotations at a local Krogers. Well on my lunch break I would relish the chance to thumb thru all the home decor magazines..less risky than perusing the candy aisle. Well it just so happened that I came upon an image that stopped me in my tracks.

I think I drooled a tad bit too.

Ok, so I know I drooled because within seconds I was forking over the $5 to have the image.
Fast forward a tad bit (less than a year) and I lost the magazine. Sadly I can find pharmacy notes from my 1st semester and yet this artifact is gone...and so was the image. Only 2 images truly capture the vision I have for my next home and this was one of them. {Oh...here is the other.}

Enter pinterest.

Someone I follow pinned it...and it was a joyous reunion.

from Women's Day Specials - Easy Decorating July 2010

I think I am drooling again.


P.S. Come follow me on pinterest...you never know what you could be missing.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

elements that sell a home {part 1}

My dad and I have been "house shopping/stalking" for over 3 years now...yes, my dad and me. We came up with this grand idea to find a home that suits my "old" family (mom, dad, & sis) and my "new" family (Mr. B, Thurgood, & Baby #2). We figure you only live once -- why not spend it with those you love. The idea was brilliant and everyone (except for Baby #2) has had their voice/concerns heard. So far..the hunt continues.

Amid the hunt for the next home, I find myself a tad nervous on the sale of this home. Therefore I am dedicating a snippet of my blog to what I need to do to sell my home from what I have seen in homes online and inperson. Better yet, I am hoping that I get a little if not a LOT of feedback and help from you.

Are you willing to help a girl..a PREGNANT girl out? :)

Since dad and I have become gurus of open houses, I have made a list of elements that win me over when I view an open house. Tonight I will focus on 2 specific spaces and tomorrow I will share with you pics of my own home in those given spaces (and my plans for tweeking them if needed).

I want your thoughts, concerns, praises, etc. In the end, I plan to post a walk thru of my home -- a virtual tour for you to see and critique. It is my hope you can help me create a space that will catch a buyer's eye.

Is this a lot to ask? Yes...but I figure you enjoy snooping into homes as much as I do and this is just a way to get that fix. Plus...I also think you will do it because you like me just a tad.

1. Curb Appeal that Stops the Car

from bgh.com

from pinterest

from pinterest

I admit it, I have past many a home based on how they look from the outside. I don't have the time to waste on a house when I am not enticed by what I see from the car. While overhauling the outside exterior can be intense, finessing the front door can be project worth attempting. I think the door and the area leading up to the door needs to be magical and welcoming all rolled into one. The curb appeal should give a sneak peek to what is within the home. The door should open so much more than a home.

2. A Foyer that Promises Great Things Ahead

from Shortycake (via the Nest)

from pinterest

from House Beautiful

There is nothing like the first hello & this is the job of your entryway to any guest (buyer or not). It is the beginning of a beauitful relationship or the beginning of the end. Everything from the color, texture, lighting, and size matter here. Also, the personality of a home can make a cameo here. You have to work with the space and let the space guide you.

So are you ready to help a pregnant, hormonal girl sell her house?

I need to get myself ready...I know I will have some work to do quite soon.


Thursday, January 12, 2012

happy little shoppe

Ever since I was a little girl I have dreamed of one day owning my very own little shoppe. {And yes...I prefer this spelling --- it just looks happier with an extra "p" and an "e"}.

There is just something special about having your own little nook in the retail world whether in mortar & stone or online. In fact, I would vividly daydream about it with one of my childhood friends. We envisioned a store that was divided into a flower shoppe on one side and a bakery on the other. We planned {or maybe I had planned} on calling it Flourpetals.

I still yearn for a little shoppe of my own...and one day I think it will happen. I dream big but I also live large.

I have collected tidbits here and there of the atmosphere I would create if given an actual store:

Love this color scheme. Hmmm...neutral. Who would have thoughtI would be attracted to that?

I love cubbies and apothecary bottles. Oh and hello there lovely chanderlier from
Pottery Barn. The interest you bring to the space enrichs the experience even more.

Gorgeous product in perfect aligment. My OCD-ness as a  pharmacist is coming out, but
all the same I find this sheer bliss.

This little shoppe actually gave me some inspiration outside the divine design scheme...even with all its loveliness -- it inspired me.

It made me think about products. What draws us to certain products? It is the prospect of the lifestyle it hints at? Does it whisper to the heart -- make me yours? What is it that makes you purchase something? For me...I shop with the heart and only buy what I love.

It made me think about artisans/craftsmen. It made me think about empowerment. It made me think otside the box.

Ok...so where am I going with this?

I think I am in the midst of answering that question.

More important...what is your hidden passion or secret? I think 2012 is all about inching closer to finding serendipity.


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

attempting 2012..for real

2012 will come and go so I need to make sure that I attempt to finish what I started...even if I started some of these a few years ago. (**pitiful whimper**)

This is a big year to renew and redo the home because Mr. B and I would like to sell our home this year. (yes...for real. Afterall, pharmacy school is now OVER!!)

So here is what I have planned:

Family Room:
  • repaint the room but I will be keeping the same color (LOVE SW Whole Wheat)
  • add quarter round...oh yes my dears -- look close and you will see it is missing
  • add some height to the base trim too

Kitchen/Dining Area:
  • repaint the cabinets (It has been almost 6 years since I 1st painted these cabinets. Before blogging & pinterest, I used the insight of my "nesties" to help guide me thru the process. This should be cake 2nd time around..now if only I could have a real life nestie come and help.)
  • new microwave (Ours pooped out during the holidays.)
  • repaint the dining room table
  • new chairs (I have a few in mind that I can repaint and use.)
Wanna see the BEFORE when we 1st moved in 6 years ago?

Master Bathroom:
  • a complete, chic, & CHEAP redo (sadly it is still where it was last year)

Hall Bathroom:
  • should I or shouldn't I repaint to a more neutral color?? The forever question...thoughts? I need lots of feedback, please.
See the original post

Other notes of interest to add to my goal list:
-post Thurgood's room on the blog
-finesse my closet into a chic nook

I think all of these are doable. I just wonder how doable they are when you are working full-time AND pregnant.

Please keep nagging encouraging me to complete these goals. I have even bigger plans for our new home, but I have to finish what I started on this little home.


Sunday, January 8, 2012


Thank you for all your wonderful wishes and comments. My little family feels so blessed. I want you to know that I read and appreciate every word you share with me on my humble little blog. I am ever so grateful for you coming to my little corner of the blog world and sharing my little journey with me. I hope I will still entice you to peek more often than not.

from flickr.com

It is my hope that my daughter is able experience true happiness, true love, and exceptional confidence..all the things that make a woman truly beautiful. It is also my hope that my blog family and friends help me accomplish those dreams for her...afterall, you make me feel so happy, so loved, and so confidant.


Monday, January 2, 2012

anticipation for 2012

Our lastest project for 2012:

Baby Girl due in May

I thought it would be fitting to post my 1st post of 2012 on the 2nd day..in honor of Baby #2. Hopefully this gives you another hint as to why my posts starting in August were few and far between. :) This Christmas and New Year brought us much anticipation for 2012 and for Thurgood to now share his throne with a princess. It will be an exciting time for us as our little family of 3 welcomes a new baby.
Now for the naming...a project unto itself. :) We have a few in mind, but I am open to suggestions. Afterall when your big brother is named Thurgood, you need a name that is just as distinguished.


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