Wednesday, September 29, 2010

an autumn mantel ***Update***

I ~heart~ fall...for several reasons.

It is sweater weather. It is the time for art festivals & craft shows. It is when I met my husband. But let me not fool you birthday is in October!

I thought I would celebrate the incoming change of seasons with a change in my mantel.

I kept with my love of neutrals, naturals, candlelight, and family.

I NEVER take down my Roman Holiday gift. My husband gave this to me on our 2nd Christmas together. It documented our honeymoon in Rome over the Christmas break we got married. It is one of my most cherished treasures.

I already had the glass vases, the pinecones both glittery & not, and the raffia. Oh how raffia makes me swoon.

The pinecone wreath is from a clearance at Hobby Lobby from 4 years ago. Poor little pinecones were falling off by the numbers. So I glued some of the glitter cones within her to make her more cheerful and holiday.

And this is my FAVORITE picture of Thurgood that was taken in the fall. It is not as over exposed as it looks. Argh...I need a few more practice shots, but I wanted to showcase this today. :)

Hope you find it as delightful as I do!



I was cleaning out one (key word is ONE) of my junk drawers & found this lovely note that was given to me from a former student before the holiday break. I felt it that it would bring another element to my mantel. I already had the frame which I heart as is...but the saying speaks to me.

So here is what my mantal looks like tonight:


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Sunday, September 26, 2010

simple details

Simple details that add that extra touch make me weak in the knees. I feel in love with these adorable little flats at Walmart. They were marked even lower than the $9 tag due to an issue with the string bow on one shoe was unraveling. I giggled & placed them in my basket.

Added a hot pink flower from some satin scraps & pearls...and now they are swoon worthy.

Somehow I accidentally deleted my ta-da picture. Here is one on my bed as best as I could do with no more daylight.

I think you get the picture. Oh..and did I mention they are removeable? The possibilities are endless.

I have to smile because interchangeables remind me of my puppy love of the Kaepa cheerleading shoe when I was in junior high. I was not a cheerleader (although I secretly longed to be one), but darn it I had every color of those triangles to coordinate with my outfit. Did I mention I wore uniforms?

Oh least I was able to jazz it up every now and then with my shoes..and looks like I will be able to once again. GO ME!!


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Saturday, September 25, 2010

glass vs. wood

Excuse me, but I need a little feedback. Please be honest....I have a "feeling" but I need some enabling.

Which do you prefer?




I am purposely not showing the overall piece to get your 1st instinct just from the jewelry you prefer..I mean knobs. Thank you for your back to your regular weekend schedule. :)


PS Am I CRAZY for wanting to paint my lovely blue bathroom back to a neutral? I think I might be.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Wanted to pop in this evening to share an album I’ve been listening to practically non-stop this last week with my recovery. Just in case you want to add something new to your playlist, you can listen here :) have the best best week, friends!


Sunday, September 19, 2010

snap, crackle, pop

Ahhh..bubble wrap. There is something ever so addicting in popping that air. Funny thing is, that "crackle" has been the sound of the right side of my body for 1 week.

I suffered from a very rare side effect, called an air embolism, from my dental visit last Saturday.

It was scary.

The right side of my face blew up in seconds, and I knew the moment it happened it was bad..but I was in good hands.

I consider myself someone who is so laid back when it comes to anything "medical," but I can not put into words those moments. I am just grateful my "big sis" was there for me and always just a phone call away.

Luckily I had this entire week to recover and pop ever so many pills throughout the week. I start my 3rd rotation tomorrow with my face looking like my face. (Towards the end, I look like a battered wife from the bruising all over. On my last trip to Target with Mr. B, I kept waiting for someone coming up to me asking if I needed help.)

I just thought I should inform you of what happened for two reasons. One, so I can completely address it & identify that it happened and two, so I can completely close that chapter.

In celebration of my recovery, a former student brought these over in jest. I had to laugh..and of course indulge.



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