Wednesday, April 27, 2011

my 1st guest post...and it is BRILLIANT & FREE :)

Hey everyone...I am over at my neighbor's home who has power and more importantly...the internet. This is a tad late, but it was worth coming over here in my rainboots to tell you that I am guest posting my 1st EVER guest post over at my Blog Momma's {Gail} beautiful world.

I think I have the most brilliant idea/project for you to check out...and making them is just about as close to free as you can get.

Just bop over there and say hello...if anything, just to make a girl feel good amid all this CrAzY amount of rain, tornados, and no power...oh, and b/c you love me too. :)


Monday, April 25, 2011


Thurgood loves it when his cousin Brock comes for a visit. When Uncle Chris and Brock come over it is all about celebrating being cousins, and making the most of being less than 3 months apart.

They indulge in ice cream together.

They share turns on a slide together.

They find everything extra funny together.

They make Rice Krispy Treat Nests with M&M's together {while Uncle Chris supervises of course}.
They count together to make sure each nest gets the same amount of eggs.

Make every moment count....and make it extra special.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

happy easter

from this adorable shoppe

From our nest to yours....Happy Easter my lovelies. :)


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

a tale of 2 styles

I have always been a fan of playing pretend.

I use to spend hours on end pretending to redo my parents living room with my sitter's JCPenney catalog. {If only I still had those notes with page numbers, sketches, and prices}.

In my little files of this, that, and pharmacy....I found these 2 rooms. Both extremely diffrent, but yet both speak to me.

Great Room from Tori Spelling's Westwood Home
I love the pop of red with the black cabinets and then the blue...what is it about a red and blue combo?

Living Room from the movie The Holiday
First off, I could easily nap on every piece of furniture from the ottoman to the window seat. Hello slipcovers and velvet.

It is little snippets of these that make me wonder how my style will play out in my next home....and of course, it is something that helps me drift off to sleep when the stress of the day can be all consuming.

Had to throw this one in....We know the room. We know the movie. Blissdom in a room.

What style do you see me using?


Monday, April 18, 2011

in my next house

I would love to have a sliding barn door in our next house. They are dreamy. They are full of character. They are perfect. I would love to hang one in our home now, but I am holding out for our next home.

I would love it for our Master Bedroom as it separates the Master Bathroom from the Master Bedroom.

Layla is perfecting one in her Master Bedroom. Hopefully she will still be flattered when I copy her idea and learn from their trials with installing one.


Sunday, April 17, 2011

study stacks

While at Macy's on the weekend {for Clinique bonus time of course}, I found myself going up to the furniture department. Macy's furniture is one of my favorite secret places. You can find Arhaus, Crate & Barrel, Room and Board, and yes...even PB styles there but for far less. Trust me...I am a researcher -- this is what I was do best.

As I was walking about dreaming in delight with all the possibilities, I came across this wall art and fell in love. Maybe I have been studying too much, but something about this wall made me stop and figure out how to take a picture with my phone.

I even found myself becoming a CIA agent as I spied on how the books were installed...and yes, I think I figured it out without being escorted out of Macy's by security.

What do you think? Have I completely lost my mind? I think it is a tres chic & a tres cheap way of adding interest with a collection. I have a wall in mind....we shall see.


Thursday, April 14, 2011

avoiding dr. bizer blues

Over the past 3 weeks I have been coming to terms with the idea that my eyes are getting tired or maybe..just maybe, I need glasses.

I doubt I would need them for anything more than reading and blogging..but still there are those oh so important aspects in pharmacy of making sure the prescription is correct.

So...if I have to get glasses....I plan to make a stylish statement. Afterall, I think style can be defined by 4 distinct pieces: {1} your purse {2) your shoes {3} your coat & {4} your glasses

I have the 1st three down to a tee {now if only I could figure out how to take a snapshot of myself}. As for the 4th aspect....look at these:

I am going for something a little less Bizer and a tad more Fabulous. Come sneak a peek here. This little shoppe makes me want a pair or two...or even my own collection {ohhh now that is a scary thought}.


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

mr. b meets stabler

I have been on the hunt for a desk chair for quite some time now to create a study space for myself in the great room. In fact, I came across the above pic from --- wait for it........Pottery Barn, and knew this would be perfect. But at $399 for a chair without even arm rests, I knew I would just have to file the image away for a bit.
Last week my dad came over on Sunday to take me {and Thurgood} out for ice cream, house hunting, and then to drop some clothes of my mother's off at Goodwill. Well as we drove up to the drop off...I spotted him.

He was outside on the lawn with an Edward-like sparkle in the sunshine.

The tag was such a tease that I had to have my dad stop the van so I could get out and see for myself.

The chair was in great condition. Trust me...I gave this chair a test drive. The only flaw I could find was quite fixable and even liveable with...that is until I have the free time to attend to the cosmetic surgery.

I call him Stabler...yes, as in Elliot Stable from Law & Order SVU. The chair reminds me of their office furiture from the show. Plus my sister and I both have a tv crush on Detective Stabler.

Hehe....he is too cute. :)

Which is why it is so funny that Stabler is no longer in my garage or even at my study nook. Stabler is  currently at my husband's desk. Apparently Mr. B prefers Stabler in the man cave. tv crush and sweet hubby finally get to meet.


Monday, April 11, 2011

hello mid-April

I took this picture the 1st of April and planned to blog about my need for help in taking pictures of myself on Monday. Oh how I would love to link up with all those lovely ladies who blog their outfits on Wednesdays...but with a 50 mm prime is so difficult. And now looking at this right hand looks terribly witch-like. {Maybe I should pass on the self portraits}

Fast forward to now....and life has been a whirlwind at U of L hospital. From last minute marathon exams to project after project, I have been far from relaxed..but June 11th will be here soon enough, and maybe then my life can begin again.

Thank you again for all your support and your friendship. Thank you for remembering that I am a PharmD student, a wife, a mom, and a blogger....and I am truly attempting to find beauty in the balance of the 4.

And just wait till you see what I found this weekend! I think I was blessed with an awesome find to redeem my blogger's soul. :) {And if you don't care for it...just fake your excitment for me.}



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