Wednesday, March 30, 2011

in need of a makeover

Lately I have been playing with the idea of exterior remodeling for homes that I have come across that are lovely...but need a little help cosmetically. In fact, their sheer need of a facelift is probably why they have been on the market for as long as they have been.

This home for example is in a fabulous neighborhood with 1.0 acre lots, has a spectacular backyard, has potential everywhere inside, lots of room to grow as a family, and is priced oh so well....but the exterior is *yawn.*

I am thinking of painting the brick, adding some shutters, and giving that front entrance more presence...double doors with a over hang of some sorts.

Something like this:

But with double doors like this:

But...I have no idea how to do this on a computer.

Anyone know who I could turn to? I would love to explore this home and show Mr. B a "vision" rather than me doodling all over a print out. Because I will be honest...I can't draw.


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

road to the final tchotchke winners

U of L hospital has me as busy as ever & exhuasted beyond words, but I had to post my winners of my tchotchkes from the little blog party. I LOVED this party and I only hope enough of you loved it to do it again in the future. FYI...Winners were selected using a random number generator. we go:

Winner: #9 - Kathy Janicki said...
I love, love, LOVE these! They would look perfect in my bedroom on the wall that I keep looking at & wondering if I'll ever find the perfect 'something' to put there.

Winner: #2 Susie Q said...
I'm not going to ask either, but I really like that. Been redoing our family room with a beachy theme so this would be perfect!

I look forward to getting emails from you ladies and we can go from there.

Congrats aggin!!! I hope everyone enjoyed this little party...who doesn't enjoy free stuff?


Monday, March 28, 2011

farmgirl meets surburbanista

I feel like I have been blessed to have been raised in the country.

There is something special about Elizabeth, Indiana. I know I grew up in a happy little bubble of swim meets, garden tomatoes, church picnics, barn kittens, and acres upon acres of woods to play in..but it is a blessed bubble that warms me on cold nights in the world of reality.

When 1st choosing a home of our own. Mr. B and I decided on a cute home in the suburbs. We needed something low on the maintenance scale and a safe little place for us to have a family. I had no idea how much I would love surburbia. From yard sales to borrowing has been a delightful experience.

I guess you could say I am torn between the country and the burbs. I love the convenience of everything in my home now.

The home I grew up in was 35 minutes from "town." Until you have lived far from "town" that required you to scheduleandd plan everything in reverse, let alone go home ASAP if you have ice cream in the can never fully appreciate the convenience of being close to it all.

And then I came across this home:

I love the look of open shelving and wish my parents would try this in their home.

For the love of beadboard and white....oh so pretty.

It is like this home already knew of my love for checkered floors.

I can see my magnolia plates above this bed. :)

Maybe I could redo a home like this in the historic section of town? I am still trying to figure out my style...but something about this style whispers to me. Lastly, this little home makes me rethink that bigger is not always better.

So much loveliness to inspire.....and of course, it makes me question everything.


Friday, March 25, 2011

whole wheat

Long time ago in the land called the nest, I met a sweet nestie named Shortycake. And oh could she renovate. She was one of my 1st buddies in the world of the nest. She took an older home in Kentucky and turned it into a showplace. I have had this picture in my files because it inspired me to go with a warm color in my home.

As much as I try to explore outside the realm of Whole Wheat by is still my go to color. I love the color with white and black. It is fabulous in my book. In fact, I still find more rooms to add to my decor files that uses the color in the most dreamy ways.

Here the color is again...but it is famously known as Tobacco Road in this home....I love it against the black armoire. I adore that same depth of contrast with my own entertainment center and Whole Wheat.

picture from a google search that links to YHL

Oh..and now add a touch of striped silk. Look at how divine the the color is with the black and the white.

Am I wrong to love a color that screams 2005? :) Haha...that sounds funny, but with styles going to more of a cooler tone, is there still room for warm & crisp?


Thursday, March 24, 2011

i copy more than i create

Ever think to yourself..why didn't I think of that?

Ever think to yourself...why didn't I do that project last week, now
I look like a copy cat if I post about this week?

I am hoping I am not hearing crickets after I type those questions. I fall into that downward spiral of questioning way too much. And after much thought...I am over it.

It is hard to not find something not brand new in the real or the vitual world. It all gets reused, renewed, and recycled...and everyone does it beautifully. I think the thing to do is embrace it and move on.

Ever wonder who found that 1st can of chalk board paint? Who made the 1st coffee filter wreath? Who wrote the 1st silhouette tutorial?

Well it really doesn't matter {unless you're that person..sorry that we have never met}...what matters is that it was found, made, and written...and that we have blogs to spread their fabulousness.


Come by this blog hop for free shopping...FREE...yes, life is this wonderful. :)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

a tchotchke in honor of the nester

Well..amid the chaos of my little one getting sick again...I was completely delighted to see that the nester actually tweeted about our little blog hop/shop/swap. Talk about the BEST advertising and making me beam all at once.

So in honor of that thrilling "shout out," I decided to give one of my tassels away. I started making these about 3 years ago after seeing a lady at my church make them for a local decorator/home stager as her trademark when showing homes for clients.

So this is my little dainty in honor of the nester. It is an oldie but a goodie with cream and green..oh and my trademark/brand...a droplet of twinkle. I will pay for shipping..

Any takers? {please be a follower}


Monday, March 21, 2011

road to the last tchotchke

We all have items we have that we don't need.

In fact, I am sure you can walk into your garage or open any clost and find something that you could live without. Well...wouldn't it be fabulous to give that item to someone who would treasure it in the light of its true nature?

I know lots of people in the blog world are having "yard sales" of sorts, but I thought it would be even more special to have a yard sale of FREE stuff.

Also, I want to include as many people as possible in this little adventure. Sure I have lots of stuff, but I am sure you do too. What if we could have a place to showcase all our baubles and treasures in hopes of finding new homes for them?  Hence....
So...what is this and how do you do it?

This little hop is all about bringing bloggers and their love for shopping together in a massive swap of tchotchkes. In my thoughts..I would rather give those candlesticks that don't work in my home to someone who would cherish and love them. Hence the thought of the gift will flourish with its new owner and give us bloggers one more element to bring us closer together.

First thing is first..find your item. Please only pick a home decor item {if this is popular maybe we can have future ones all about shoes, toys, clothing, or accessories}. 

Then take a picture of the item you wish to give away for free and create a post all about the item. In your post please indicate any pertinant measurements, colors, or specifics of the item. Your post also needs to address shipping issues {will you cover shipping, will the receiver cover shipping and if much and how will they pay}. Lastly your post might want to address how you will "pick" the receiver if there are more than one interested. {I plan on doing a random generator.}

Once you have your post and all the nitty gritty worked out, link up to the blog hop with the picture of the item you are wanting to give away for free. Please limit one link per item. You can give away more...but for each item, please link & post it separately.

The hop will be open for a week so there is plenty of time to shop your house to give something away and time to shop the hop. Then on Tuesday, March your generator or pick your winner. Please wait till that date so anyone and everyone has a chance to link and then shop.

You do not have to link up to shop...just have fun and who knows...your gift might make its way into a new friend's hand. In my opinion...this is a delightful way to get rid of clutter as well as meet/make new friends.


PS Please get the word out...the more we have participate, the more treasures we have to choose from. :)

another tchotchke

I have had this for 4 years and it is time to say goodbye. These "shell on a stick" has been on my husband's bedside table the entire time and has almost knocked him out when we rolled out of bed. Don't ask, but anywho...Mr. B would like me to give this away. So consider this a gift from Mr. B to you. Hahaha...


The entire piece is 12" x 5'...and it is heavy. Mr. B says he will pay for shipping if someone gently removes this from my tchotchke collection. {May I suggest I throw in some sake stuff too?} Haha...I kid.

Any takers?


my tchotchke

 So here is my tchotchke that I am hoping to find the most perfect home for. The panels come as a pair and are 20" x 8" each. The colors are pretty close to the picture so if you heart the chocolate and blue look...this pair will bring you much delight.

I will pay for shipping as long as I know they will be loved. Please promise me that this will become your treasure. I am wanting to give these panels to someone who will find happiness in their display. I received these as a gift and would love to give it to someone who cherishes them as much as I did.

If you are interested...please comment on this post and if you are not a follower..please follow.

On Tuesday, March 29, I will run a random generator of all those interested {if more than one} and post who the panels go to. Please make sure your email is in the comment {just in case}.

I hope someone out there will give these 2 the perfect home. :)


PS For more cute loot...come shop here.

my goldilocks moment

This is how my little entryway has looked for +5 years. Simple and cute with one of my favorite pictures ever.

As you can is what it is. Well it has come to my attention that my son and husband need a drop zone when they come home. From shoes to gloves to ipods to headphones to plastic snakes...I need something to collect stuff.

To me, this space needed something, but I was too chicken to try anything. It was easier to let it just be what it is rather than expand on any possibilities. the end, I still needed something for the men in my life and their stuff.

And then one day at the Goodwill, and I saw this beauty. Lucky for me, my Goodwill is a cast off for Target goodies.
What is regularly about $72 {it is on sale now for $55}. I got for $25 AND it came assembled. No nicks, dents or scratches. How did I come across such a find? I must have been basking in the luck of my Elvis find.

I didn't even measure it. I was going to make it work. {Well I did kinda use my child as a height do what you need to do when you are in the midst of the hunt.}

And so I decided I needed to organize the little bookcase before it took over for "organizing my guys." So I added my Target receipt box {I highly recommend this to all loyal Target shoppers...saves your wallet & purse}and a basket to catch all -- but, it was too big.
I tried 3 baskets thinking I could use this drop zone too, but the edges stuck out..and that irked me.

So I tried 3 more baskets, but they were too small.  Look how tiny they are. What was I thinking?
Then I snagged 2 baskets I already had...and look...just right. I am thrilled with the results. This little station  makes my mornings when Thurgood & I are dashing out the door easy to get all his stuff ready for the day. And thanks to my little Target receipt box, I took all those other baskets back and relished in taking a risk that paid off. Happy take a Risk Day.

PS Interested in a little decluttering? How about a little shopping? How about where everything is free? Come to the blog hop/shop/swap.
Also check out my FREE nester inspired tchotchke. :)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

adorable clutter

Clutter...we all have it and it can suffocate even the most darling rooms. Some of us create it..while some of us inherit it. I inherit my clutter...mainly as gifts.

Have you ever received something sweet and precious and NOT your style? I have and I do all the time. I find myself not wanting to part with the item because not only is it a gift, but also because it comes from someone who thought of me when they made the purchase.

As promised I wanted to share with you a few things that create the "clutter" of my home.

I received these panels from my cousin as a gift for doing her wedding flowers. I think these panels are oh so sweet...but oh so not my style. I have tried every nook and cranny to make them work, but it just doesn't.
I think everyone knows my love for wine. These wine glasses are one of many sets that I have received as gifts. As cute as they are...I am all about plain clear glasses. I have sets of 4 of wine sets all over the place. But, I am constantly breaking them so clear just works better for me..and my clumsiness.
My 1st ever experience with a PB gift that I was not all about. Maybe it is because of the red..or maybe it is the fact the glitter flies all over the place {hence why they are still wrapped}. I always seem to get candles as a gift and it is hit or miss {with smell and color}.
It comes with the territory I guess, but I have so many mortar & pestles...I love my clear glass one. Hmm...shock. But I have quite a collection whether I enjoy them or not.

OK...I LOVE this frame. I love, I adore it. And the message behind  it...well it gets me each time. But this frame is huge. It is a 2 ft square which makes it hard to find a place for it. I know the picture I want to use...but I just need a place for it. I think we all gets lots of frames as gifts. I know I do. Ever have a frame you love but it just doesn't work? I love this frame but until I find a home for is clutter.
Do you have clutter that you adore but it just doesn't work with your style? Do you have clutter with meaning and that in itself makes it hard to let go?
What if I have an idea for you for and that adorable clutter?
Join me tomorrow and experience a blogging experience like no other...who just might find a treasure.


Monday, March 14, 2011

when you buy what you love

The buzz word in blogland this year is all about decluttering. Aside of clothes and toys...the art of decluttering is almost synonymous with accessories. It seems like everyone is getting rid of "stuff." So much little of it really needed. People love a good bargain and buy it...hence...lots of stuff or accessories.

Well I think I am the exact opposite and I feel like a complete weirdo for it.

purchased at Tuesday Morning 3 years ago {the blaring red is my IU sweatshirt}
I am the queen of buying from my heart and the princess of walking away. I only buy something if it is a good deal and it is meant to make my house more into my home. Yes..I fall in lust with lots of things and doodads...but those that make the cut and up to the register...well it is "to have and to hold."

purchased at Kohl's 2 years ago on clearance

Now that I am creating a home for my little family, I have no intention on spending money on something "just because"..I have a Sallie Mae student loan that is swallowing any chance of me being debt free. Every purchase I make is made knowing why that dollar is being spent.
purchased at Target oh so recently
Another reason why I have few tchotchkes, I loathe dusting..and I don't have much time for it. With less have less dusting which means more time for cocktails and twitter. :)

purchased from my favorite beach shoppe in Pompano....10 years ago
I am also a creature of habit. I don't move things errs on the chance of buying more stuff if something doesn't look right. I prefer to get the space exactly how I envisioned it...and keep it that way. To me...when you are constantly are constantly spending.

 purchased at Kohls on sale 4 years ago {I have 2 of them}
Bloggers right now are all about subtracting from their rooms and finding out how beautiful a room can be with less. Heheh...go me. I am finally ahead of a trend.
Even though I purchased these about a year ago from Arhaus. I have loved them since HS & always wanted them adorning my bedroom walls. They were worth every dollar

All the items photographed in this post you have seen in and around my home. They are accessories. They are all things I love.

Just think...when you buy what you is never clutter. It is just buried treasure {way back in the closet}.


P.S. I do have some clutter..but I didn't buy it and neither did Mr. B. Can you guess? Stay tuned...

Sunday, March 13, 2011

my gas station master bath

No...I can not even post a pic of it. It is THAT bad. I am gravely disgusted with my boring master bathroom. Mr. B & I have been in this house for +5 years and it is the same as it was the day we walked, it was cleaner then. :)

After a long day on rotations, I want to come home to something that doesn't repulse me. master makes me ickie inside. I feel like I need to attach a key to a hubcap to perfect the ambiance I have going on there.

I think I would like to go for something like this:

The way I look at it...if I spruce up the master bath: #1 I will FINALLY enjoy it and #2 it will show nicely when our little home goes on the market. I really want to just reuse the elements but add a dash of color/character.

I have been going back and forth between white or expresso cabinets. Yet in the end, I think expresso is the way to go because it will blend nicely with my master bedroom. And....I am curious as to using the new "cabinet transformation" product. Oh...and I LOVE the chrome pulls against the expresso.

There are many little aspects that play well in this bathroom..that I believe I could "knock-off."

Please....of course these babies had me at hello. But who needs the "found" prices starting at $69. I know I could make these. Would you buy some if I made some? :)

And I am sure I could Goodwill this darling. Can you not see Mr. B's stuff so nicely in this cabinet? {maybe even a friendly blogger out there would help me make know I am winking at you.}

No...this is not my bath. I was too lazy to take a pic so I googled one as close to mine as possible.

The real question is what does one do with the garden tub wall? I don't even have tile like the above picture..but I think it will need something. Any thoughts? What could I do for super cheap but get super fabulous results?

So there you have thoughts officially written in blog world. Now it is time to tackle it..I need to stop being lazy and do it. Anyone free this week to come help?



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