Monday, May 17, 2010

no exams for one week = a night out

I have come to the conclusion that pharmacy school is ruining my addiction to home decorating, home projects, and blogging. Oh yes...and it is creating a slight sleep debt.

Needless to say, I ENJOYED my Mother's Day on Sunday and my Girls' Night Out on Saturday.

As luck would have it, we have a week off this week (we have NO exams this week -- lots of quizzes, but NO EXAMS), so my best friends at school went out on the town Saturday night to celebrate the upcoming wedding of our dear friend Jessica.

Katie, Jessica, Me, Crystal, Jill, & Trisha

We ate a 5 star meal at my favorite restaurant in Louisville (if you come visit me -- you can bet I will take you there)...and then...well we embraced the evening at Howl at the Moon. Believe it or not, we drank very little. I truly believe we were intoxicated by sheer freedom.

And somehow...all of us lovely ladies ended up on the stage.

And we got "paid."

We didn't even noticed this message till we were about to leave...our husbands were coming to gather us if we didn't vacate. :)

Meet the girls in green and pink:

We had such a delightful evening. It was so wonderful to not think about pharmacy. It was fun to laugh, and dance, and indulge in being a girl with friends.

Who would have thought that 4 of of us would end up STUCK in an elevator with 4 other people for a good chunk of time. No joke! We were stuck, and it thoroughly has made me embrace stairs.


P.S. Hopefully you would still trust all of us with your medications after seeing our little outing.

Monday, May 10, 2010

how to celebrate holidays in pharmacy school

Move the holiday!

A photo from last year...I adore this captured moment in between shots.

Of course the Monday after Mother’s Day they would test us over ALL psychiatric medications. And of course it would be from the professor that can not teach and is VERY old school. And of course it would DECIDE our grade in the class.

But instead of the woe is me attitude, I made an executive decision.

I will move the holiday to my date of choice. This allows me to study guilt free and to enjoy the benefits of the said day to my fullest desire. Plus, I better get into the practice of moving a holiday…afterall, I am in healthcare now.

Needless to say, I did get my gifts (the theme was simple indulgences…I love themes) on Mother’s Day. My favorite?

A sleep mask from Target. What a fabulous gift! And under $5? I love it.

If I have a moment to squeeze better believe a nap will be involved. My husband is ever so thoughtful and so loving….and better yet, he let me test drive it Sunday and today.

Now…if only I could look as lovely as Holly Golightly when I awoke.


P.S. So Mother's Day for Lola, Mom and me is THIS Sunday. :) OH! No quiz or test till Thursday! I am feeling a project coming on. :)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

and the verdict???

I am now the proud owner of....

NOTHING! friend Trisha Lou and I stopped by the thrift store after school (with cash in hand). We walked into the store and they were gone! All that was left was their space where they once were.

I know most of you might be saying I should have bought them...but I guess it was not meant to be.

The irony??? Someone purchased them this morning at 11 am. I called the lady upon returning home to see if they had actually been sold or were being held. She informed me that the twins were purchased THAT morning.


She did go on to say that she thought she had noticed some possible mold on the underside of the chairs from moisture. She had me at MOLD! (even though she might have just been saying that to ease my loss)

Oh has caused me to revisit my inspirations.

Have you met my friend Kelly from Much To Do With Nothing? Her talent is inspiring. She can take this $10 chair:

And create perfection...down to the ever so perfect pleated ruffle.

I would ADORE ties like this on any chair:

And she purchased 4 of these chairs for $25....look at these fraternal twins:

Am I disappointed? Maybe a tad from the sheer fact they were sold today AND that Mr. B was going to get them for me as a Mother's Day gift.

And yes...I rushed home ASAP to see if he had been sneaky and nabbed them as a surprise. Only upon coming home did I realize I never told him the store the twins were at. :)

But aside from this, I think there is something better out there waiting for our little master bedroom.

You will just have to wait with me till I find them.....or they find me.


Monday, May 3, 2010

meet the twins

Ever make a deal with yourself?

You know...that little voice saying, "If it is here tomorrow, then it was meant to be."

Well I have to say that I love wheeling and dealing, but when it is with myself -- oh my..I am hardcore. I don't give myself till tomorrow or next week. I say 1 MONTH.

Well 1 month ago, I found myself at my local St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store and stumbled into the twins.

I glanced at the price..sat my bottom in one...squirmed and wiggled hoping to unclog my pipe dream (or scratch it and get a % off..hehhe...I am so bad).

Nothing. The chair was fabulous. So...I went to the next one...even better. (I sound like Goldilocks.)

Well, I made a deal with myself. If they are there in 1 was meant to be. I could picture them perfectly in my Master perfect symmetry.

The color of the wood is perfect (for now). They are in great shape fabric wise so I would not have to immediately reupholster them. Oh! And those dainty tapered legs with those accented covered buttons beckon me to lounge.

Tomorrow is 1 month. I guess we shall see if it was meant to be.


PS I took these pics with my phone and sent them to myself. I am not only impressed with my phone's picture quality...I can't believe I never thought of this before!


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