Monday, May 16, 2011

the mint julep june jaunt

Ever want to go shopping/thrifting with your bbff {best bloggie friend forever}? Ever want to skip tweeting/facebooking/skyping/posting, and actually talk face to face with that know, like what they did back in the pre-blog days? Ever want to spend a day with a bunch of friends who you physically just met so that they will peer pressure you into buying that tchotchke? Ever want to know my real name? :)

Well...June may be your lucky month. Gail @ My Repurposed Life and I are hosting our 1st ever get together in Louisville, KY & Southern Indiana. We have everything ready for you from swag bags to doorprizes to special discounts to wine & appetizers awaiting you at a boutique.

Here is a glimpse of where we will take you if you decide to come:
Peddlers Mall - Clarksville, IN
{one of the LARGEST flea market booth places with lots of buried treasure}

Salvation Army, Goodwill, etc - Southern Indiana
{um...of course they are on the list}

Old Time Pottery - Clarksville, IN
{huge and cheap...& filled to the brim with home decor}

Homegoods - Clarksville, IN
{we have a BRAND new store as of May...perfect for us to dive right into}

After our jaunt in Indiana, we will then make our way to Louisville, KY for some wine & appetizers while shopping, then a yummy lunch and then more shopping.
Regalo - Louisville, KY
{Voted Best Gift Shoppe in Louisville for 5 years...oh yes, and I am besties with the owners.
They can not wait to host us for some wine and appetizers while we browse.}

Lynn's Paradise Cafe - Louisville, KY
{for a yummy lunch - a quirky independent restaurant with a national reputation built on great food, wacky d├ęcor, and wild events...hmmm...sounds perfect for us.}

Red Tree - Louisville, KY
{a lovely store right next door to where Mr. B & I lived when we lived downtown in "NuLu." They have furniture & accessories so unique, you think it is antique.}

 So did that little tease inspire you even more to come join us? Oh wait....didn't I mention free stuff? Here is a glimpse of some goodies you will get just for showing up:
   ScotchBlue(TM) Painter's TapeScotchBlue(TM) Painter's Tape     
Still need more incentive to come to Louisville for a day trip? How about a $25 VISA gift card to help pay for your gas? of our lovely guests will win a VISA gift card. Now if you don't use it for gas and buy something during the day at one of the shops....hehe...we won't tell.
Ready to make your way to Louisville? Well, sign up fast my dears. We are limiting the group to 25.
As for details of times, initial meeting place and such, once you have signed up...we will go from there {for safety and organization reasons}. But if you are a planner like me, we will start around 10 o'clock with a scheduled late lunch and then finish up around 5 {but you are free to arrive and leave with what time works for you.}

Finally, check out what Gail has to say about the event might give you even more inspiration to sign up.
To come join the fun, fill out the info below. The form will time stamp your info to guarantee your spot.

C'mon....join us. And find out what my "e" stands for...and together we will have a fabulous time..even if I have to serve everyone mint juleps. :)


PS Yes, this event is free. As for what is not...well you will be responsible for lunch and all the lovely purchases you make. :)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

celebrating june

June is going to be a FABULOUS month. Yes, I graduate from pharmacy school June 11th, but why stop there at making June fabulous? I look at June 12th as my rebirth back into the social world that I once relished in. Hard to believe I am a social butterfly, isn't it?

So putting my head together with my "Blog Mom" Gail at My Repurposed Life, we could not think of a better way to celebrate June but with YOU. Not the blogger you..but YOU the person...YOU, our friends.

We want all of us to meet and to laugh and to shop and to eat and to laugh real friends do in the real world. We share so much together that it is time we take another risk, and the best part is -- we do it together.

Personally, I want my blog to finally live up to the true expectation that I had hoped for from the very beginning -- to indulge in my favorite hobby: making new friends.
So what do you think?

Stay tuned......we are finessing the details of celebrating June -- together.


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

so haute

This post is brought to you by Floyd Memorial Hospital...:)

Who needs a good hair day when you spend your day in the OR?

Hmm...I need to reshape my brows and man can I work a floral print. was SO cold {more so than normal for the OR} so I had to layer up even if my colors were not regulation, but I do look very Spring like.

On my last rotation, which also happens to be my future place of employment so I am all over the place shadowing and exploring possible areas for pharmacy to make a stake {imagine me as an OR pharmacist} .....and June 11th can not come soon enough.

 I am tired of being a "wanna be" pharmacist. I am ready to be MeganDVD, PharmD. :)


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

in my next house

I am all about documenting what little delights I want to see in my next home. Granted I LOVE LOVE LOVE my home, but being just a slab with no basement...we will surely out grow our little home sooner than later.

As for what dreaminess I have been envisioning lately...I would love marble like this in my master bathroom:

I think with floors like these I could see myself prancing around barefoot more often. You can find more loveliness here at this shoppe.

Ever find yourself swooning over a building material? I think with the right elements, a room can become opulent and individualized all at once.


PS Ok....back to studying for boards. :(


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