Wednesday, March 31, 2010


My son is a picky eater. There I said it. Whew! I am relieved beyond belief. I no longer have to hide in shame or fear of what you might think. It is out there and now we can move on.

The funny thing is of all the people in the world to have a picky eater it would be me.

I am not picky AT ALL. I adore food. I adore people when they cook for me (you better believe me if someone cooked for me I will eat it). I adore the smells...the conversations...the memories.

I LOVE dining in every possible form...whether it is at a kitchen table, a diner stool, a vendor cart or even a 20 star restaurant...I love eating because I love the experience that comes with it. husband...he is Mr. Picky. He likes about 5 things. (And I am not joking! Even though I think I can now push his limit to 8 --- afterall, I have rubbed off a little on him over the years.)

So I guess I have 2 picky eaters. But at least the older one can bend his habits. Confirmation of this was on our 3rd date. I was unaware of his picky habits and I took him to a Filipino festival. Mr. B did not wince once as I piled NONE of his 5 favorites on his fact FAR from it. (He hates onions which is unheard of in Filipino cooking.)

Why bring Mr. B into this? Well, I think taste buds are genetic. They must be because my son eats just like his father..with his eyes.

As I am trying to "reform" my son's eating habits I could not be more thrilled when I came across these. Pure eye "candy" for the picky eater at another lunch:

A hard boiled egg shaped as a bunny? Swooning!

Those cucumbers look so yummy tucked up in the corner.

Love the idea of rolling the meat & cheese. I would do this for my lunch.

Who knew butterflies could be so cute as cheese?

Love those rolled "sushi" jelly sandwiches and those hearts. (Then again maybe no hearts for the little man, but definitely they could be found on my Bento lunch).

So guess what I am doing tomorrow? Haha...after I work on the Master Bedroom of course.

Thought I was finished, but I just found these pics on my camera and had to share.

Perfect example for you!
We had a small egg hunt for Thurgood and his cousin Brock on Saturday.

Thurgood wanted to taste the egg. I was pleased! But here is what happened after Mr. B offered him a bite. Look at him purse those lips!

So it looks like this mom will try a little Bento Magic. And even if he doesn't LOVE it, I have lunch for the next day. :)

Wish me luck!


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

peekaboo..sneak peek

So here is what I have been working on since yesteday. Just thought you would like to see a glimpse of my Spring Break Reno 2010!

I can not wait to be done with priming and finally onto painting! I am only working on the bedroom during the day when Mr. B and the babe are away. Mr. B goes to bed early so I have limited time. :)

the wall is NOT dirty...just the under coat + primer+ 1 window = odd looking pic

Can you see all the shades of white I have been "experiementing with" throughout my room? If you need any white paint samples or thoughts..ask me. I have sampled only a 1000. :)

Hopefully I will be painting tonight. I sometimes under estimate my time frame. I am quite amazed that I might actually pull this off. :)


UPDATE: After 2 o' is where I stand on one wall. :)

This weekend I started working on a nursery for a very good friend. Her husband and I are tackling that project. I am a painting fool these days.

Here is a glimpse of that project: (You know where we are going with this.) :)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

a spring challenge: blooming branches for Lola

Living with Lindsay is having a $5 challenge (with Dollar Store goodies and such) AND since I am on Spring Break, I figured I could try my hand at making something lovely.

Just so I can get your is a peek of the AFTER (besides I adore AFTERS is like having dessert 1st):

Here is what I started with:

My 5 items for $5. How exciting! So....Now what? Well, I then got out my flower punch and white cardstock. I then punched away.

After punching oodles of flowers, I doubled them attaching them with some Modge Podge.

I had some left over cream spray paint from my little numbered sweet pots (love that name), and decided to create my own cream vase. Even though you can’t see it, there was a chip on my back to the Dollar Tree for another glass (a high ball glass).

Returning home, I sprayed them cream and removed a few twigs from my neighbor’s bushes (thank you Uncle Keith) and here is a pic of the chaos before the beauty:

I glued the sprayed high ball glass to the candlestick and then stuffed the floral foam into the glass. I then placed the twigs in the foam and glued my Spanish Moss on top with those delicate glitter eggs nestled among the moss.

I then glued my flowers ever so randomly and dotted the piece with 2 left over butterflies from my other project.

Here is the completed project (sorry I had to take pics in the garage..rainy days and bad lighting cause you to work with what you have):

a nice shot of the cream vase (I think it turned out lovely)

the glitter eggs and a butterfly...perfection

blooms that remind me of delicate and sweet

the final piece..if only the garage floor complimented her better

This little piece is going to my Lola as she is in rehab and her room is in need of some spring cheer. Hope you all love my little project as much as I do.


PS I am also linking with:
Funky Junk Interiors

Monday, March 22, 2010

the goods behind the will

I wanted to share with you my little treasures from Saturday March 13th's Shop and Hop with Sarah from Thrifty Decor Chick and Beckie from Infarrantly Creative. here is an AFTER 1st. I just HAD to show you. I am so in love with my little numbered pots. They make me smile...especially when I hear Thurgood counting away.

Back to the befores.

Here is what I came home with. All of these lovelies were purchased with the $10 gift card that I won. I am so picky when shopping. I have to see true potential before I spend a dollar, even if it is happy "found" money.

Oooohhh how I LOVE science pieces. I am a science nerd at heart and for less than $1..this was mine at hello. Just wait...she will be adorable when I am done with her. I am amazed the magic of spray paint...just wait.

Who doesn't love a cloche? I KNOW this is a cheese dome, but po-TATE-O...po-TOT-o. I love glass and I love cloches. Oh...and I have a little treat in store for this little one. I am all about personalizing pieces and this little darling will be even cuter.

Which leads me to these beauties.

I knew from the start that I want to recreate those divine numbered jars from Dreamy Whites giveaway. Lately numbers have been popping up all over my little abode. So I came home uber excited to get to work on these sweet little pots. But before the night was over, I found out great minds do think alike. Marianne over at Songbird had recreated them as well. I want to give her props all the same. She is uber sweet and oh so talented.
So with my pots painted, I started at 4 in the same font I had used before on my pillows and since my pillows already had 1, 2, and 3...4 just seemed natural.
Where are 8 and 9 you ask? I am trying to mend 8. In "staging" for my pics, Atticus swears that my dried hydrangeas were teasing him and he toppled over 8 and 9. Unfortunately my number 9 is no more. Oh well...I am quite happy with the little pots I have.

Such a lovely break so far. When I am not crafting or renovating, you will find me playing with my best friend at the pool.


PS I forgot to take a pic of the little wooden worries...I will have a good before and after for you. I also purchased a darling shirt for $1. Hmmm......stay tuned for those finds. :)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

the marriage of PB & TJ

So I am "unofficially" done. I just want to thank all of you for your support. You have no idea how much you mean to me.

Ok...that being said, I still have 1 more final tomorrow, but I don't count it. Trust one counts it. :)

I want to give you a sneak peak of my butterfly project. It is to be a baby gift for one of my best and oldest friends, Christine. She is having her first baby. I am so excited for her! Christine is like a sister to me and so naturally I am wanting to spoil her and her little baby. I anticipate the day to love this baby girl as much as I have loved Christine.

Christine purchased 2 of these mobiles from PB Kids and it ignited a spark in me:

Because I also had fallen in LOVE with this at TJ Maxx and was dying to recreate my own version:

So throw in a dash of me (I am smitten with personalizing my pieces), the freedom of a few moments since I am DONE with finals, and we have the beginnings of a precious baby gift for my dear friend, Christine.

the yellow is so much softer in person..not glaring school bus yellow

I promise to give you more details and pictures LATER. When I get it done completely....and because I know Christine is reading this and I want it to be somewhat of a surprise. :)


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

junk in my trunk

Every once in a while I have a tawdry affair with Arhaus. Shhh! Don't tell Pottery Barn! I was in there scoping out an element I plan to use in my Master Bedroom when I came upon this bedding. question is at $459 for JUST the quilt, who buys this stuff? I can not even imagine! I looked, I touched, and I think a bit of drool might have seeped out (luckily I snapped back into reality before a droplet escaped). And of course I continued on my way.

Then a few days ago while walking about in BBB wasting time before I had to tutor (yes I tutor math...I squeeze so much into a day), I found myself in the Clearance section and gazing at a bedding (KING quilt AND shams) that melted my spine. It looked just like the one at Arhaus but was LESS than 1/4 the cost AND reduced even more on top of that due to a flaw I dare not will have to wait and I will show you later. So I whipped my 20% coupon out of my purse (Am I the only one who carries them in my purse and in my glovebox?) and dashed out of the store giddy.

And where is it? Where all my treasures rest till I am ready for lovely lady trunk.

It is the perfect marriage of softness, texture, creams, whites, and champagne!

I just want to curl up with this bedding and retreat to my bedroom with a good book.

As you can see it is still in the package. I am saving it for AFTER finals when I can start putting my bedroom together (and of course to make sure it works...I am keeping my fingers crossed.)
Just had to give you a sneak peek of where I am going.


Saturday, March 13, 2010

blogging and butterflies

Here is my latest design inspiration (from TJ Maxx) for an upcoming project AFTER finals:

How darling! And truth be told...I think I can make it even better! I can not WAIT for Spring Break!!! I am oozing with project and ideas. :)

Speaking of school...I should be studying, but I wanted to share with you about my delightful adventure to Indy.

This Saturday was BEYOND pleasant! Sarah from Thrifty Decor Chick & Beckie from Infarrantly Creative hosted a wonderful gathering for Indiana bloggers: a Goodwill Shop & Hop. Not only was it a WONDERFUL excuse to not study this Saturday, but it was ever so inspiring to meet other lovely ladies who delight in treasure hunting. I was actually nervous about going. Had a few butterflies myself....but oh what a wonderful day it was!
I just want to thank these ladies for their hospitality, inspiration, and friendship. I would also like to thank Goodwill for the gift card! I won a gift card in a drawing that allowed me to purchase all my finds (no worries..I will reveal to you next week the BEFOREs as well as the AFTERs).

I also plan to indulge in my glorious gift bag and share with you all my loot. I have a few projects in mind that will be perfect. :)

So many projects..and only 2 weeks! Get ready for a whirlwind of fun.


Thursday, March 11, 2010

countdown to renovation 2010 -- i mean Spring Break 2010

It always amazes me how a new paint color and a little polished sparkle can make a room dance to a new tune.

Last year, with the help of THE Layla Palmer I undertook a small remodeling of my hallway bathroom on a budget based from my returned pharmacy book money.

Here is what I started with:

And here is where I went:

To read the full story go here!

I have spent a year with this lovely bathroom (I still have yet to install the new faucet I purchased after my successful yard sale -- shame on me), but why am I revisiting my little bathroom you ask?

I am pondering a color change.

Mr. B and I painted his "man-cave" SW Retreat during my Summer Reno Project...I mean summer break, and the color really appealed to me. So, I am leaning toward Oyster Bay which is just a shade lighter than Retreat and more gray than blue.

Oyster Bay in all her glory

Or....going with a neutral.....or maybe even something daring that can be accomplished within a tight budget. :)

BUT! My BIG reno for this break will be my master bedroom. I need that space to be soft and serene for my upcoming Spring quarter...I will need all the sleep I can get.

So here I am with 1 week left of school (I should be studying, but I needed a break). Finals start this Monday and end Friday morning...which means I will be stopping at Lowe's around lunch time.

I have a fun filled weekend planned so stay tuned. I am going to throw some posts your way only because I will be MIA next week with finals.

Time to wish upon a star! (for good grades and decor inspiration)


FYI --- Lola is out of the hospital and at Providence Rehab! We are so excited and more importantly she is excited. We plan on visiting her dorm room this weekend and having her give a us a little tour of her new home for the next 2 months. :)

Monday, March 8, 2010

a heart filled thank you

Thank you all for your sweet words and endearing thoughts. The support I have found among all of you strengthens my soul with a much stronger fiber than I ever could have imagined. Just for an update, Lola is scheduled to have a second MRI with a focus on her gallbladder. It is a numbing process but she is doing better. We are just so hopeful that she will soon be discharged and can start some rehab therapy in pursuit of a better quality of life. Thurgood was running on all cylinders by Saturday. I believe he was battling a little bug. Taking my test on Friday with him not being 100% made for an interesting testing environment. With my phone on vibrate and set up against the wall, I anxiously awaited to get “the call” during my test, but luckily two hours went by and nothing. The rest of the day was filled with nonstop Mommy and Thurgood time.

Now to share with you some happy pictures from a baby shower for one of my best friends, Christine, that documents Thurgood’s first boy-girl tiff AND his first kiss…with Abby the 3 year old daughter of my other best friend Stephanie). I am THRILLED that I captured these..and they are in EXACT order as the events happened.

The stuffed puppy that caused it all...the fight and the makeup.

I found the two behind the screen while the fight was at its intensity. I asked Thurgood what was wrong. He said, "Abby, won't share her puppy." I LOVE this picture!

The act that caused them to be friends again. Abby said, "Sorry." Then gave him his 1st kiss!

Look at Thurgood's smile. Oh my will I have my hands full.

So looks like we have the beginnings of an arranged marriage or the beginnings of friends for life. ...either way, Steph and I will be thrilled.

Thank you again friends for being just friends.


Saturday, March 6, 2010

some pursue happiness, others create it

This week has been quite consuming with anything but fun. My grandmother has been in the hospital (hopefully she will be released this morning), my son has had a low grade fever (so hard to focus when your little one is under the weather), and school (which stops for no one) had me going all week with presentations, care plans, and an exam to top it off.

Injecting a little bit of happiness is all I need to exhale the bad and inhale the good.

This picture was sent to me from an old friend a long time ago. It serves as inspiration for my next little project.

As much as I feel overwhelmed from time to time…I find such peace in my little blog world. The friendships I have created here fill my soul with strength for every challenge I face. In fact as I start off this weekend, I am so delighted to have been nominated for 2 blog awards.

My second ever blog award was presented to me by the lovely Meg at House Notes. I am ever so touched by her friendship. Her style is fresh and inspiring, and her loveliness is ever so endearing.

Cindy at cottage instincts also gave me the same award. How I love this fellow Hoosier. She is so warm and get a true sense of what Hoosier hospitality is all about. Go see what she crushes this week. I am sure you will find oodles of treasures to look at.

My third ever blog award was presented to me by the divine Jessi at Yankee Belle Home. From cloches to PB love…we were meant to be friends.

In honor of both blogs and the new found friendships I have created along the way, I thought I would share with you 3 blogs that I have found along the way. These ladies fulfill my ever desire to be inspired.
1.Creamy White
2.Sixty-Fifth Avenue
3.Much to Do with Nothing

Now to share with you 3 things you may have not known about me:
1. My real name starts with a “e”---Megandvd is my internet/pen name. LONG story there, but I have gone by Megandvd(online) since I was 12. Oooohhh...aren't I mysterious? Hehehe.
2. I am fluent in American Sign Language (I minored in college).
3. I LOVE family pictures and you will find them all over my home. The photographs I display are out to capture the moments we (as a family) want to remember and revolve around the people we love and treasure.

A particular favorite...that is so meaningful right now. (Had to snap a picture of it as it hangs on my wall just for friends.)

This young chic couple are my grandparents. Lola and Pop look smashing. They were married in the Philippines in 1950. The legacy they have created for me is epic.

Have a wonderful weekend. Find inspiration, relish in friendships, and find a new blog to explore…off to go create a treasure or two.



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