Friday, June 25, 2010

blooming ceramic magnolias

I have loved these magnolia plates for years and always pictured them above my bed. When undertaking a new decor scheme for my Master Bedroom, I was completely inspired to use these plates amid a sea of battan board.

I saved and purchased them on sale (of course). But I kept them hiberated in their sack for over a month.

Then after a week of relaxing with no school, I finally set aside my fears and hung my plates. No blueprint, just me and my Hercules Hooks.

Here is the result.

I am smitten with how heavenly the white and cream are together.


PS Now I just need to finesse the room for the big reveal. :)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

jessica & jace

So here is another little tidbit about me.

I ADORE creating wedding bouquets. Today marked my 50th wedding. I had the honor of doing Jessica's wedding flowers, one of my dear friends from pharmacy school. I did them as my gift to her. I cherish her friendship and wanted to make her wedding as perfect as I could with each petal.

So I know you are asking when do I have time & how did I start this?

Well....yes amid finals I did, as I always do, become buddies with FedEx. But as for starting....well it all started when one of my best friends since 4th grade asked me if I could do her wedding flowers. And of course I told Christine ABSOLUTELY. And from that, blossomed my love of flowers...especially the rose. So I call my little "hobby" The Bride & Bloom.

I took only a few pictures of Jessica's wedding. I did not want to anger the ACTUAL wedding photographer. I also retouched them just a tad...afterall, they are wedding pictures. (By the way, I think the pictures turned out lovely.)

I ALWAYS have to get a picture of the bride with her bouquet.

There is also something about an impromptu shot that makes me giddy.

My lovely little centerpieces. I finessed them with petals & candlelight, but I saved the "petaling" till it was closer to the event for freshness.

It is not a wedding without a picture of the kiss.

I LOVE this picture. Jessica's smile is breathtaking.

So this is how I spent my Saturday. There is something inspiring about witnessing a marriage. To Jessica & Jace, may love always radiate from your blessed hearts.


Thursday, June 17, 2010

and her name is layla

So after coming to terms with the fact that the "twins" were not meant to be, I kept my eye out for something even more special..more perfect for my bedroom. bedroom is STILL not done. I have had a hanging project that I have yet to complete before it is done to my standards. School...that alone should suffice as to why I am not done.

Anywho...I found this chair at one of my thrift stores for $45.

I took her picture and started my 1 month wait alarm clock. I could not help but think it as a "twin" of Layla's chair. How perfect would it look nestled next to my dresser enhancing the wood tones against the white wall? Even using the fabrics as Layla did, would make this beauty even more precious.

I then forgot about the chair for 2 months.

Yes!!! 2 months! Therapeutics 4 consumed me and unfortunately design fell off my priority list. But last night while studying for my last final, I stumbled upon this beauty on etsy.

And the price tag? $550!

I can only tell you that seeing this chair while studying for my last final spoke to me. I HAD to go see the chair again. So after handing over my LAST final, I headed off to the Thrift Store with one of my best friends, Trisha Lou.

And there she was...still in the same spot. But to my delight, she was marked down & Thursday was student discount day. It was MEANT TO BE! So this lovely chair came home with me for $12.

Look how happy she is in her new home!

As real as it gets...note the cable cord standing out ever so blah

With a little love and care...she will be stunning, as anyone who is named Layla should be.


PS If only I could better explain how wonderful it is to NOT have to worry, think, or even discuss school. :)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

my 100 hour holiday

So I have a secret to share with you. This week...I played hookie and went on holiday with my little family. My father (Poppa), Mr. B, Thurgood, and I packed the van and drove to Ft. Lauderdale for the 28th family reunion on my father's side.

It was the dream of my grandparents that all of their children and their furture grandchildren would KNOW each other so they purchased timeshares for each of their 6 children. Our families come from all over, but as long as I can remember, we have come to these beaches.

There are beautiful beaches all over the world, but this is my home when it comes to dancing in the sand and splashing the ocean over my face.

And now...I have a beautiful little boy to pass on the tradition that my grandparents hoped for. I have missed Florida for the past 2 years due to pharmacy school. It was not going to happen this year.

So I snuck away...

Luckily I got to see Thurgood fall in love with the ocean. (Last year....he avoided it completely.)

I also got to see a father and son catch a glimpse of nature...look closely below and you will see what we saw in the wee hours of the morning.

I also got to capture a special moment or two more...

Between father & son and..

And Poppa & grandson...(note: all people in the pool are family..there are over 40 of us now.)

I also got to witness a "coming of age": Thurgood getting tossed by his Poppa. I LOVED this when I was little.

So much fun to witness!

What a wonderful way to spend 100 hours. It went by so fast. I flew home Tuesday. My family will stay on till Saturday.

I have been under a siege of exams and papers lately. Yet this upcoming Monday and Tuesday I have 2 HIGH STAKES finals.

What does that mean?

Either I pass and go on to rotations or I stay obviously I have been ever so diligent with my studies. And when I am done with my studies, I will be ready for Poppa to throw me into the pool.

And as I study the days & nights away for my finals..I will think of my 100 hours peering from this balcony and the tiny secret holiday I indulged in with my family and in honor of my father's parents.


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

love at 1st sight

3 years ago today at 8:09 am...I fell in love. Thurgood entered my world, and it has never been, nor will it ever be the same.

Less than 24 hrs old..and he still cherishes his "Mother Theresa" blankie.

Life may be difficult and chaotic (especially in pharmacy school), but Thurgood always takes my breath away.

one of my FAVORITES!!!! Thurgood's baby GAP picture @ 1 year. :)

Happy Birthday to my little boy. As he said this morning, "I am 3 now Mommy, but almost 4!" He made me laugh...he always does.

As for school....that 1 week off was the kiss of death. School came back with a fury. 2 more weeks & I am done with pharmacy classes..and on to rotations. (more on that and where I have been can bet studying has been involved.)



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