Sunday, November 30, 2014

You Lose it if You Don't Use it....How True Those Words Are

A snapshot of a snapshot & a glimpse of my happy little corner of the world 

Let's just be completely honest. Blogging is work. And here is the kicker -- {for me at least} -- I already have a lot going on and even fun work is still work that requires more energy than I am sometimes willing to give. I wanted with every fiber in me to love blogging. But -- I hated it. I hated it because instead of inspiring me it was breaking me. In fact, I felt such a freedom when I stopped concerning myself with my blog and the pictures and the content and the dreaded ordeal of having to document EVERY. SINGLE. MOMENT.

After all, life is raw. There are no filters or editing. There is no commentary. There is no feedback. There is just a lot of living and that is what I want to capture. It took me a long time to finally see what I want from this blog.

I want to document my life.

I want to document my experience.

I want to capture the moments that will keep me warm when the nights are cold and my memory fails me.

I want this for me and I will do this for me. Is it possible for me to fail again? Absolutely. Do I care? Not at all. So, if you are curious to see what makes me happy in my little corner of the will witness first hand my attempt at living a beautiful life.

The key thing for me at this point is remembering how I actually got here to post something.


Sunday, July 7, 2013

no pictures..just ramblings

I find it amusing that EVERY blog that does a post on how to blog says to post often and with oodles of pics. Sadly I am not up to the snuff in that aspect but here I am all the same. But then again -- this is the real me on my blog and I just need to ramble.

I am in the slow process of creating our home. Like everyone I know, it must come in stages and in steps -- both from a logistics point and a budget point. Yes, we have been in our house a year come August 1st and yes, lots of our home is the same as it was from that day in August, but such is living life. I will say this though. The things I have done are big -- maybe not from a decor perspective, but definitely from a design perspective. I got rid of the dinky so-called fireplace with pitiful built-ins and moved it 2 feet to the left with carrera marble surround and a REAL mantel. Pulled up the carpet and laid hardwoods. Got rid of every column (ick) there was and painted all my walls on the main floor. The purple taupe HAD to go.

I still have much to do. I will take a few pics and share -- just don't expect me to photoshop. I giggle at the thought of me having the time to do so. It is truly though a slow process but I find joy in documenting it. The overall goal that I want in my home is to for it to be fluid in color, texture, and feeling -- inviting, but fun...cozy but stylish. As I did with my first home...I do it the way I want envision it from the beginning. I am not the one who does it one way and then in 3 years changes. I am definitely not a changer. I am very committed to perfection & my vision from the beginning.

I am constantly in awe of my children. I never knew I could love so much. Being a mom, is a dream come true. My little ones have taught me about selflessness and forgiveness and my unending need for grace. Thank you, Thurgood and Harper, for wanting me & needing me & accepting me. I look forward to watching you two become the man and woman your daddy and I know you will be. I love you like blueberry pancakes and strawberry milkshakes.

This is why I need to blog. I need a place in which I can be me. I need a place to remind me that I am more than just a wife, a mom, a pharmacist. I need a friendly reminder that I am still me. I still have a lot of dreams that rumble inside -- my top 3 have been checked off - 1. wife 2. mommy. 3. earn a doctorate. But there are more. I want to do this or that. So many things. Maybe it is time to add to the list. Here are 3 more to throw out there: 

1. I want my home to be like a page in a magazine. (yes, I am a bit self-absorbed...oh well. I LOVE pretty homes and I want my home to be that for my family and friends.)
2. I want to run for office. (that is out of left field, but seriously I am all that and a bag of chips. So maybe school board, city council, senator, etc -- let my blog be my grassroots)
3. I want to own my own business **not in healthcare please. I want to exercise the other hemisphere**. (this is a big one. I am dabbling with a company right now learning the basics of who I am as an entrepreneur. I am just so smitten with so many do I choose just one?)

Off to complete my day...I think a trip to TJ Maxx and Homegoods is in store for me.

Hope you are still here friend as I continue to ramble...


Thursday, May 30, 2013

a brave new blog

After a rather long sabbatical from the world of multi-media, I have decided to once again venture into the world of blogging.

Harper less than 5 days old with her Big Brother

My last entry was in March of 2012. It amazes me how much has changed since that last sentence was typed. Within the scope of 2 months from that last post my real-life took over and took me away from the computer. Having a baby, then moving, then starting a small side venture, then moving again, then going back to work – it all left me with such little precious time to my little family.

the new home -- FINALLY

And so, blogging had to be put on the back burner. And then it went from the back burner to the kitchen sink. And then my little blog went into the cupboard. You know the one…the one way at the top and to the right. And there it sat and waited patiently for me to come back – when I was ready.

the 1st project I HAD to tackle when we moved in: new mantle & surround, new flooring, new paint --stay tuned for the lovely AFTER

Among the whirlwind of 2012-2013, I kept stalking here and there on all the blogs close to my heart. It amazed me how I still relied on these blogs to inspire as well as entertain me. Whether I was pumping in the wee hours of the night or coming home from a long day of work, I still found myself logging on. Always there and ever friends from afar were still close and still sharing their lives with me. It made me realize I missed my little blog.

Baby Girl in her Downton Abbey hat

After baby girl’s first birthday, I decided that if ANYTHING my blog could be used as a candid journal/reflection. I believe if I commit to this aspect, I will remove the pressures that consumed the enjoyment I found in blogging. This endeavor will hopefully allow me to focus on my trials & triumphs, cute pictures of my children (see above), a home update here and there (stay tuned), and ultimately change the dynamic of "wanting" to post rather than "having" to post. I hope this is a game changer for me.

So with that being said…I welcome you, dear reader to a brave new blog.


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

move in & love me

Our house went on the market less than 2 weeks ago, so I thought I would dive right in and inquire with no shame {maybe a dash of fear} in regards to ---- how do the pics look? Before you ask..yes, these are the realtor pictures. Yes, they are the general pics that may lack a tad bit of sparkle and character, but it is what we currently have online and what the public see.

I am playing with the idea of taking a few myself and see what emotions I can bring to the online page. Afterall being online is not the only key to a successful sale, but having another family truly fall in love with our home.

The front view: I am thinking of adding some black urns and flowers underneath the garage lanterns. Thoughts?

A view of our great room

another view

and yet another view

a view of the dining room & kitchen

another kitchen picture

and yet another.

our hall bathroom

our master bedroom

our little boy's room

another view

I am thinking of exploring giving my home its own website and fill it will light filled photos that take advantage of as many different perspectives as I can.

I just need people to walk thru the door. I think my home will take care of the rest.

I need your thoughts and feedback...I need your help to sell my home.


Sunday, March 11, 2012

32 weeks...and counting

Here we and mommy with less than 8 weeks to go. Since our little home is now on the market, I am not planning on creating a nursery in this house. I plan to save that sweet little endeavor for the new home. (I am obviously optimistic that we will be gone sooner than later.)

As for where baby will rest her little head, I have found the perfect solution for our situation.

Isn't it divine? There are so many elements of the bassinet that I adore. I love how sturdy it is and that it has wheels that lock. Perfect for moving baby around to the "quiet" corner of the house. I also heart the peek-a-boo shelf hidden beneath the skirt.

This shelf will be ideal for holding the necessities without running from room to room. I can already see diapers, burp cloths, and a few onesies calling that shelf home.


Thursday, March 8, 2012

how to get the bathroom countertops clean of clutter

Sorry for being a stranger. Just been working as well as being a mommy to one outside the womb and inside the womb.

Anywho, remember one of my oldest design dilemmas? Visit here and here to refresh your memory. Well I have the perfect solution to achieving a blissful, spa-like nirvana in your master bathroom.

Put your house on the market.

As of March 2nd, our little home is now for sale.

Look how clean that countertop is now! Oh....and yes, the base has been painted. I will update you on all the home decor updates I did in February {I guess you can see if I chose my "selling" elements wisely). Let's just say I have been very busy in preparing for March.

I am excited and terrified all at once.


Monday, February 6, 2012

welcome little leo

Amid the whirlwind of living life, it sometimes takes a simple picture to remind you how miraculous life is.
Christine with her two lovely children, Leo and Olivia

Welcome to the world little Leo. I have no doubt you will change the world and make it a better place..afterall with just a simple snapshot, you made my soul smile. 

You have one amazing mom little Leo. She is so strong and are so lucky. Know you are always safe in her arms and will be forever loved. I look forward to meeting you, little Leo.

Feel free to see more of Mr. Leo and Miss Olivia here.



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