Monday, December 26, 2011

just the beginning

My little blog has kept the calendar of posts light towards the latter half of 2011. My little holiday from blogging started as a focus on my family and career. And then for reasons I have yet to fully disclose {mainly due to an upcoming secret that will soon be announced), my blog has been revived. Simply put..time is for what and who you love.

Love also allows the freedom to not feel guilty.

Not feel guilty if I only post once a week. Not feel guilty if I don't have pictures, let alone perfect pictures. Not feel guilty if I am posting about what I am feeling rather than what I am doing.

Why love? Because love helps us see clearly & live more beautifully.

Hoping your Christmas holiday was just the beginning of what the next year holds for you and yours.


Sunday, December 18, 2011

save the last dance for me

7 years ago today I married Mr. B. It was a day just like today here in Louisville, KY. The sun was out shining, it was not too cold at all, and there was a hint of Christmas in the air.

I think we still make the cutest couple.
I carried the most beautiful red roses {that I put together myself}. I walked down the aisle in my Dad's arms in our little country church. We had a big band orchestra at our reception in downtown Louisville that played into the wee hours in the morning. And as a complete new husband serenaded me with "Save the Last Dance for Me" while I danced with all his friends and fraternity brothers. Such lovely memories...and even more followed after 7 years.

With our anniversary approaching I find it is so hard to buy gifts for Mr. B, but this year I found something that was perfect. Since the 7th year is copper {at least according to the internet}, I had this stunning cuff from Etsy customized with 7 copper plates. Each plate commemorated something special for each of the years we were married.

And to keep it I re-promised myself to do on this blog...once you pan back, you get the real image of Mr. B in his natural habitat.
No. He had no clue I even took these pictures. After 7 years, I have gotten pretty sneaky.

There is no need to save the last dance for my husband. He has my dance card filled now and forever.


Saturday, December 17, 2011

the twinkle of Christmas

Amid the hour or 2 of waiting for my dough to rise {I am making Pioneer Woman's Cinnamon Rolls}, I thought I would tinker with the settings on my camera to take a twinkling picture of Thurgood trimming the tree (that is..after the cat knocked off an ornament).

Thank you to one of my nestie buddies, Beth, for the tips on creating a memorable Christmas tree photo. You brought that extra twinkle to our family tree...thank you!

Raising the bar..Thurgood placed one ornament much higher away from the swat of Atticus.

Admiring one of his that Lola gave him.

The twinkle picture from my eye to yours.

Hmmm...I need to take a few more of our Christmas decor and join all the Open Houses while there is still time. I have a few tins of yummy rolls to make.


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Are you there blog? It's me, MeganDVD

taken today in ordinary clothes and in ordinary light

It has been close to 19 weeks since I last posted on my blog. 19 has been so long and yet gone by so fast. While I could say I needed a vacation or a break, what I really needed was to refocus myself and my blog. I needed to rediscover my voice because I was not sure who was being the author of this blog anymore.

So...I closed the computer.

And I have had a bit of an awakening.

I guess now the true reason as to why I have been hesitant in coming back is #1 coming to full terms with what I have discovered and #2 it was nice to just relish in living life and not having a "burden" of documenting it.

Life is so much simpler when you do not have to tote a DSLR around. Life is so much more quiet when you do not have to tweet your latest find. is amazing how many minutes are left in the day to focus on the world rather than the virtual one.

Am I leaving my blog? No...I am just realizing where it needs to go and I hope you will come with me.


P.S. I smiled when I realized this was my 200th was meant to be.


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