Monday, June 27, 2011

guess who is coming to dinner?

I think that as I get closer to the idea of moving {whether into a multi-family home or a slightly larger one for my little family}, I am really starting to embrace the new vision for my home. After my love affair with a more airy, crisp look...I could not help but that look me?
I love white kitchens and white bedding...I do love white, but I have always been drawn to black or deep rich colored woods.
I decided to reexamine some of my inspiration pics and see if they still "move" me.
When I think of a dining room, I have always wanted something with flair and style, but infused with a "come sit" at me feeling. I want my dining room to be an extension of my family room.
I have had a crush on this table for about 5 years. It is from Red Tree. It comes in so many finishes.It actually comes in one that is almost identical to PB's Mahogany Stain. I do like the dark wood with the black bottom though. I could easily get 6-8 at this table.

One thing that I have known from the start in the dining room is that I will have 3 small chandys above the table. I found these from Arhaus, but I actually saw one that I heart from Red Tree when we were there for our Jaunt. I only wish I had not forgotten to take a pic....grrr. But this pic give you the idea.

Chairs have been my challenge. I really like the idea of having 2 end chairs slipcovered as so.

I have had my eye on these chairs for quite some time. I think they are lovely. I love the shape. I find them feminine but functional. They look fabulous dressed up or au natural.
I have been eyeing these x-back chairs for quite some time.  In fact, when I was 25 (before I was even married) I bought 6 of them. Not at PB, but at Value City for $15 each. They are natural...but a little stain or paint can go a long way.

This image shows you the cabinets I want..and yes, I want 2 of them. I love the idea of having dishes, serveware, glasses all there in the dining room. I have always thought this would be divine for family dinner and for entertaing {and another reason to add to my white serveware collection}.
So...does my vision still have flair? Even more importantly...does it look like me?


Thursday, June 23, 2011


I know that lots of people have seen THIS home. It is blowing up all over blogworld. How can you forget it? How am I just now talking about it?

For me, this home has so many elements that caused me to stop and completely become inspired on how to create a home that embodies a true personality, infuses color with neutrals, and drips with accessible style.

In fact, one of my new blogger buddies from The Mint Juelp Jaunt said it perfectly:
"There are so many pops of color, but it’s balanced with neutrals like whites and beiges."
I am definitely smitten.

I would love to have this be my entrance EVERY day.

I love white kitchens....these would only be more perfect with me in it. :)

So many facets I love: the paneling, the repurposed barn wood flooring, the fabrics, the ceiling, the touch of sparkle...{I will stop b/c I could go on and on}.

This room was made for Thurgood.

I could definitely cuddle with "someday" Baby #2 in this room...look at the doorknobs!

Oh...It is like this homeowner knew my love of barn doors.

And yet...they top it off by using stones in Master Bath. Here Mr. B thought I was a nut. How am I not living here?

So where am I going with this? Well...if my little family didn't merge into a big house with my parents, I have been playing with the idea of buying a smaller home {even staying in my subdivision...I LOVE my neighborhood} and indulging in the inspirations found from this home and merging it into my dream home.

I think you can take all the elements here and recreate them on a scale that is accessible without building custom or buying $$$$. I know I have been dreaming about attempting it....and what a divine dream to fall asleep to.


Monday, June 20, 2011

our mint julep jaunt recap

My favorite hobby in the world is not redecorating...even though Mr. B would care to argue otherwise. Actually my favorite hobby is something I inherited from my father. I love making new friends. I think getting to meet new people and making new friendships makes this world a tad more interesting, fun, and joyous.

So with that being said, I proposed to Gail from My Repurposed Life a while back the idea of doing our own blog get together that would involve shopping at some Southern Indiana thrift stores & some Louisville local boutiques. Being that Gail & I had first met at a blog get together that Sarah from Thrifty Decor Chick and Beckie from Infarrantly Creative fabulously put together...I thought we should give it a whirl.
After lots of brainstorming, discussing, and planning...we pulled off The Mint Julep Jaunt this past Saturday. And it was WONDERFUL!! Not even having surgery the Tuesday before could keep me from it. I was a tad exhausted & sore come 4 pm that day...but I was relishing in the delight of all the friends, new and old, that we got a chance to meet.

Here is our little video to start our day off:

Now for all the lovely pics {thank you to Missy from My Cottage Charm for letting me incorporate a few of hers into my post. I never realized how heavy my camera can be}:

First off, I have to personally thank my sister, Jessica, for being there for me. Since I couldn't lift was wonderful to have her there by my side. Here she is handing out water, juice, and doughnuts to our bloggers as her and Hollie from I'm Busy Procrastinating

The sweet Donna examining her choices of which delight to purchase.

I had to get a picture of my "Blog Momma"/Gail in her element -- thrifting.

Since we spent 2 hours at Peddlers due to its gigantic size, at 10:30am, a group of us took a side jaunt to the new Homegoods. Here Joi from Nuestra Vida Dulce and Miranda from Just Drink a Coke  indulge in their weakness...pillows.

At Goodwill it was all deals & giggles for Katrina & Terri from Creative Eyedias
And one of the inspiring ladies whom I am ever grateful for introducing me to Gail,
Miss Beckie from Infarrantly Creative was all smiles

Let's be is so wonderful to share in a good find
with others who think and shop just like you.

At Salvation Army Elaine from Honeysuckle Hollow and Carmel from Our Fifth House listen
intently as they announce the winner of the $10 gift certificate.

Let's be honest...we all listened intently for our name to be called.

And even if we didn't win...we were still shopping and scooping up
baubles as Miranda & Joi are here. Love that smile Joi.

As I took this picture...all the girls either pushed back or looked away. But look at all the treasures from Gorilla Glue! We had so much free stuff to give away that I saw many of the restuarant patrons eyeing all our goodies. In fact, there was no need for dessert because SWAG was everywhere for each of our guests.
Look how much fun everyone is having...I love Shannon's sweet smile from Quarry Orchard.

Hmmm...I must be talking in this one. Love how bloggers instantly connect.
 Here we see the divine Missy from My Cottage Charm and the
 delightful Mallie who brought more goodies from Deco Art Paints for our guests.

Here is one pic that I love. I love that my sister is in this one. Once again...she helped me out so much. And...Miss Joi. After 7 years {give or take}..we FINALLY got to meet. Yep, we knew each other back in our knottie and nestie days. Anyone remember that? We go that far back..pre-blog days.

After a yummy lunch, we headed over to Regalo which is the #1 gift shoppe in Louisville. JD {one of the owners} gave a $25 gift card away to one of our lucky girls and gave each shopper a 10% discount.

Both Regalo and Red Tree {the local boutiques} are personal favorites of mine and so I was thrilled that they were just as excited as I was to host our little jaunt. Truth be told, I have had my eye on a dining table & lighting fixtures from Red Tree that I am constantly swooning over. It is just a matter of time Jennie {one of the owners} till I own them!

Anywho it was blissful to have a few of my favorite boutiques treat our little group with such southern hospitality and generosity. You must make a point to visit their shoppes if ever in Louisville.

The lovelies: Donna, Mallie, Peggy from Pig Logs & 'tater berries , Jennifer, Elisha, Missy, Terri, Beckie, Cathy
Hollie, Joi, Carmel
Shannon, Gail, MeganDVD, Miranda, Elaine
{my sister would not join us...argh}

It was a fabulous day! Thank you Peddlers, Salvation Army, & Regalo for the fabulous gift certificates. It made the day even more special. And a thank you to fellow blogger Miss Sarah from Three Boys for her goodie too. You must come next time.

For more details and winners of all the free stuff,
please check out Gail @ My Repurposed Life for her take on our little adventure.
Hopefully I can talk my "Blog Momma" into another soon...and more
 importantly, I hope you will be able to come too.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

a thank you

It is so much easier to vlog when you still feel a little sick in the stomach and have some pains in the abdomen. And please...ignore my eyes in the opening still. No that is NOT the oxycodone...that is me. :)

Hmm...I kinda like vlogging. :) Might have to do this more often. Hehehe. Excited to finally meet some of you on Saturday at The Mint Julep Jaunt!


Tuesday, June 14, 2011


It happens at 11 today. Just think about me..that is all I ask. After this..I can get back to normal business..afterall, I have graduation pics to share -- and so much more.

Just wanted to tell you all how much I appreciate all your kindness and above all..your friendship. It has taken me so long to find you that I feel so blessed to now have you in my little world.


Monday, June 6, 2011

my days of wearing a bikini are numbered

I had about 8 posts ready to go since my last post...all on lovely things: weddings, birthday parties, home decor thoughts, a new blooming craft of mine, etc...but everything changes.
a pic of me 24 hrs before my attacks with my fabulous hair & fabulous faux lashes

On the night after Thurgood's birthday party I was awoken by an intense pain that radiated through my chest. I thought it was indigestion or gas..a bubble if you will. It reminded me of an intense hunger pain but high up. I thought nothing of it till the next day when I had a second episode while I was home alone with Thurgood and it really scared me.

I saw my doctor the next day and was sent off for labs and an ultrasound. All labs came back great, but I was but I knew it was coming when the call the next day came. As my MD said, if you are going to have something..have something you can fix. I had a few rather large gallstones  -- which meant surgery.

Surgery? But I have the mandatory Naplex review at school. But I have my final research presentation.

Surgery? But I am to graduate from pharmacy school on June 11th. But my family will be in Florida from June 4th to June 10th.

Surgery? But I have boards to study for. But I have a new job I plan to start.


I spoke with my doctor and confirmed my goal: I wanted to walk at my graduation on Saturday, June 11th.

Am I scared? ABOLUTELY.
Will I get through it? MOST DEFINITELY
Who do I need to hold my hand? EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU

I will keep you posted...just promise you will be there.



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