Sunday, August 28, 2011

no socks left behind

I love this idea. I find it so adorable....but I have to be honest. It may be only cute with colorful itty bitty socks. I can only imagine what this would look like with my hubby's rather large and sometimes grey hued white socks or his long black socks on a line.

Either way...this is darling for kiddos.


Sunday, August 21, 2011

a litte nesting to do

I have about a million projects/crafts started in and about my home.....and none to show you because they are far from being finished. Well, either that or they need a bit more love {aka tweaking} before they make it on here for their debut party. What I have noticed though is that I am completely drawn to DIY necklaces.

And these little necklaces are so sweet and endearing.

I am head over heels for these little nests. Imagine doing these little nests in the birthstones of your babies. And look! She made a single pearl one for my little man already! I think Miss Sarah has a way of inspiring...all I need is some wire and I can do this.

Yes, I will most likely shamelessly copy this idea. It is just too sweet to not at least try. More importantly maybe I can peer pressure you into trying them too so I won't been alone in being shameless. Who is with me?

Time to take the baked dough (oh..I mean cookies) out of the oven. Thurgood and I have a small addiction to Sunday night baking.


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

the next chapter

My world is spinning. SPINNING. I love my job, but I am more busy now than I have been in quite a while. I am finessing the art of balance from a whole new perspective with this new chapter in my life.

With so much going on, it was kismet that one day I came across a wonderful home for my family that has so much possibility.

As of this moment I have tunnel vision on this home:

Oh how I wish you could see it. Oh can :)

Thought you might enjoy a glimpse with me. Now..comes the hard part...what to do next.


Monday, August 8, 2011

the taste of summer

The days of summer are numbered. Now is the time to savor water balloon fights and lightning bugs...and summer foods.

Abby and Thurgood prepping for a water balloon explosion.

Especially summer fruits...I love fruit and there is something wonderful about in season is a small taste of heaven.

One of my best friends, Christine, reminded me of the glousiously unbeatable fruit-sugar-mint combo. She made it for our family get together. Is it possible to have 2 families so close and the best of friends?


Look at her little girl. She is getting so big. Those big eyes have big ideas just waiting for the world to see.

Christine, I have now made this 4 times this summer and love every bite. Thank you for showing me how to embrace simple sweetness.

Small note if you plan to do this and you this while peaches are still in season, and you’ll hardly need the sugar.

12 oz Strawberries (throw in a pint of raspberries for an extra burst of goodness)
4 peaches
1/3 cup mint
1 tbsp sugar

Clean and chop strawberries and peaches. Coarsely chop mint. Combine fruit, sugar and mint in a medium bowl and toss to coat. Serve chilled.

There it is...the taste of summer. Now all I need is some sun sweetened iced tea and a water balloon.
Do you have something that tastes of summer?


Friday, August 5, 2011

oooh the places you will go

There is something about maps. I find them fascinating and inspiring. And now..I am all about repurposing them. Just take a glimpse at all the cute things you can do with maps.

You can bet your bottom dollar I will be doing this! You know me and how much I adore "prettifying" {yes...I am creating new words too} lamp shades. this mobile would be lovely in an office or playroom

Who needs GPS when you have this as your clutch?

I love garlands...and this is beyond cute.

And of course the whole repurposing of maps with the 3 hearts of: where we met, married, and honeymooned is simply wonderful. If the nest was still around this would be THE thing to make. I guarantee it. :)
all images from etsy

So I think I am going to see if I can spy a few old maps to repurpose...on to the hunt. Do you have anything you are keeping an eye out for?


Monday, August 1, 2011

awaiting the august moon

Goodbye July...I am glad you are gone.

In less than the 31 days of this month, I have lost a friend from HS in a tragic car accident, my mother in law had triple bypass surgery, and I had my 1st full code on my unit that ended sadly.

I greet August with much anticipation.

With August comes my boards and all that business with my pharmacy license, but it also brings the last lingering days of summer.

Hello wonderful August....I have been waiting for you.



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