Sunday, July 7, 2013

no pictures..just ramblings

I find it amusing that EVERY blog that does a post on how to blog says to post often and with oodles of pics. Sadly I am not up to the snuff in that aspect but here I am all the same. But then again -- this is the real me on my blog and I just need to ramble.

I am in the slow process of creating our home. Like everyone I know, it must come in stages and in steps -- both from a logistics point and a budget point. Yes, we have been in our house a year come August 1st and yes, lots of our home is the same as it was from that day in August, but such is living life. I will say this though. The things I have done are big -- maybe not from a decor perspective, but definitely from a design perspective. I got rid of the dinky so-called fireplace with pitiful built-ins and moved it 2 feet to the left with carrera marble surround and a REAL mantel. Pulled up the carpet and laid hardwoods. Got rid of every column (ick) there was and painted all my walls on the main floor. The purple taupe HAD to go.

I still have much to do. I will take a few pics and share -- just don't expect me to photoshop. I giggle at the thought of me having the time to do so. It is truly though a slow process but I find joy in documenting it. The overall goal that I want in my home is to for it to be fluid in color, texture, and feeling -- inviting, but fun...cozy but stylish. As I did with my first home...I do it the way I want envision it from the beginning. I am not the one who does it one way and then in 3 years changes. I am definitely not a changer. I am very committed to perfection & my vision from the beginning.

I am constantly in awe of my children. I never knew I could love so much. Being a mom, is a dream come true. My little ones have taught me about selflessness and forgiveness and my unending need for grace. Thank you, Thurgood and Harper, for wanting me & needing me & accepting me. I look forward to watching you two become the man and woman your daddy and I know you will be. I love you like blueberry pancakes and strawberry milkshakes.

This is why I need to blog. I need a place in which I can be me. I need a place to remind me that I am more than just a wife, a mom, a pharmacist. I need a friendly reminder that I am still me. I still have a lot of dreams that rumble inside -- my top 3 have been checked off - 1. wife 2. mommy. 3. earn a doctorate. But there are more. I want to do this or that. So many things. Maybe it is time to add to the list. Here are 3 more to throw out there: 

1. I want my home to be like a page in a magazine. (yes, I am a bit self-absorbed...oh well. I LOVE pretty homes and I want my home to be that for my family and friends.)
2. I want to run for office. (that is out of left field, but seriously I am all that and a bag of chips. So maybe school board, city council, senator, etc -- let my blog be my grassroots)
3. I want to own my own business **not in healthcare please. I want to exercise the other hemisphere**. (this is a big one. I am dabbling with a company right now learning the basics of who I am as an entrepreneur. I am just so smitten with so many do I choose just one?)

Off to complete my day...I think a trip to TJ Maxx and Homegoods is in store for me.

Hope you are still here friend as I continue to ramble...


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