Wednesday, April 28, 2010

i have been outed appears that my secret may have seeped out. What secret you are asking? Well, it has come to my attention that a few of you have found out my real name via a blog highlight that featured a few of my projects and included my real name.

Thurgood & I when he was still a baby

New to the secret? name is not Megan.

MeganDVD is my alias. Hahaha! I LOVE how that sounds. If only I had Jennifer Garner's body too. :)

Long story, but I created that name when I was 11 and I was on the internet for the 1st time. My dad would NEVER allow me to use my real name (he was always there when I was online -- good dad) I used a name I loved.

The DVD? Well there were no DVD's in 1990 so DVD was after my favorite show - The Dick Van Dyke Show. :)

My cousin Patrick (my little brother) & I in Florida.

He spent EVERY summer with us from over 15 years.

There you have it..that was the beginning of MeganDVD.

I have used that screenname forever. It helps me feel safe (I did have an incidence once which is why MeganDVD is now more than ever important to me.) Funny sidenote is that most of my buddies from the Nest or the Knot (remember that?) would not know who to look for if I used any other name.

During my pilgrimage to Room & Board....this pic was taken especially for one of my oldest & dearest online buddies war_eagle & her fixation with the Ian sofa

So - now you know.

Whew...what a relief.

I truly treasure my relationships that I have here but after a few recent emails, I thought I should make you aware of the situation to avoid any confusion or hurt feelings. I also do not want anyone to feel deceived. Believe me when I say are so cherished that words seem to fail how much I think of you.

Which is why I believe I should address this matter.

And I KNOW you have always been a tad curious as to why I sign with an ~e~. Well, I assume I may have shed some light on that.


PS And I also know that having probably the only son NAMED Thurgood would make me an easy find, but all the same...I cling to MeganDVD like my strawberry blankie (ohh...I will save that for another revealing post).


  1. Ive got to be honest: I always wondered what was up with the "~e" Thanks for filling me in:)

  2. e thanks for clearing that up! Having a daughter at the beginning of all the internet craze I totally understand. I hovered over her as she played online games (Modus Operandi) she too had an alias, as did most of her friends. Even today, I find myself calling some of her teen online friends by their aka!
    Love seeing the old pics!

  3. Dick Van Dyke---loved that too...knew you and I were kindred spirits. I think I was born in the wrong time :) I love everything from those days...the music, the shows, etc.

  4. Looove Dick Van Dyke. I've always wanted to be Mary Tyler Moore. She's so cute and always had the best outfits and hair, on that show as well as her own.

    You are too cute for words, Ms. E! I'm so glad to see more pics of you. And no need to explain yourself. There are many wackadoos out in this world unfortunately. Do whatever makes you feel comfortable and I'll happily come over here and oooh and aaah over your brilliant projects.

    P.S. - Baby Thurgood absolutely touched my heart. The hat, that little face...too much!

  5. Thanks for giving us a little insight into your name :) You know your just s beautiful on the outside as you are in the inside! Have a wonderful day!

  6. I love this, thanks for letting us into your world a bit more! I've almost emailed you a few times to ask about the 'e' and I've referred to you as Megan on quite a few occassions.
    Your secret is safe with all of us (ha) and I'll continue with the 'e', still wondering what your name is. :)

  7. I LOVE this post. Loves it!! You are so darling, if we weren't such good blogging buddies, I'd totally hate you.

    Ah, Nest memories. "Nestories". Gosh, I haven't dropped by there in ages. You were quite the popular Nestie!! I'll attempt to convey this in the most uncreepy way possible, but I ADORED you back then. And I adore you now, so not much has changed. <------did things just get weird in here? HA!

    (I swear I'm not buzzed up on wine.....yet. I usually wait til AT LEAST dinner time.)

  8. I figured your name wasn't MeganDVD, but I know I put Megan a few weeks ago when I linked to the blog. Well, that helps clear things up (a little) :) We'll just have to keep guessing... elizabeth, eliza, elsa, emily, emma, ellen, erin??

  9. Just read this again, and I still love the story- and seeing the adorable picture of T as a baby!

  10. I just read this for the first time... and that's hilarious because I've actually asked you via email what your name was?! Ha! That's kind of funny for all the times I've assumed and called you Megan. Ah well :)

  11. um, hilarious. And I too have a blankie secret:) he he he!


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