Monday, May 3, 2010

meet the twins

Ever make a deal with yourself?

You know...that little voice saying, "If it is here tomorrow, then it was meant to be."

Well I have to say that I love wheeling and dealing, but when it is with myself -- oh my..I am hardcore. I don't give myself till tomorrow or next week. I say 1 MONTH.

Well 1 month ago, I found myself at my local St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store and stumbled into the twins.

I glanced at the price..sat my bottom in one...squirmed and wiggled hoping to unclog my pipe dream (or scratch it and get a % off..hehhe...I am so bad).

Nothing. The chair was fabulous. So...I went to the next one...even better. (I sound like Goldilocks.)

Well, I made a deal with myself. If they are there in 1 was meant to be. I could picture them perfectly in my Master perfect symmetry.

The color of the wood is perfect (for now). They are in great shape fabric wise so I would not have to immediately reupholster them. Oh! And those dainty tapered legs with those accented covered buttons beckon me to lounge.

Tomorrow is 1 month. I guess we shall see if it was meant to be.


PS I took these pics with my phone and sent them to myself. I am not only impressed with my phone's picture quality...I can't believe I never thought of this before!


  1. I make deals with myself all the time! I sooo hope they are there and VERY discounted! Can't wait to here about it!

  2. They would look sooo cute painted an accent color too. Best wishes.

  3. OH, how do you wait so long???
    Hope they are there for you!

  4. Buy them!!! Do it-you know you want to!

  5. Oooh I hope they are still there. They are beautiful!! And yes, I make deals with myself. Went to check on the little trench at Anthro the other day. Sold....I guess I'll just have to keep hunting! :)

  6. How did you leave 'the twins there' furniture like that would be very rare in our St.Vincent store. I hope they are there for you !

  7. Wow Meggan, I hope you can find them tomorrow. They are Gorgeous!!!
    I can't wait to hear the news!!!

  8. I hope they are still there, they are fabulous! And to be able to use them without spending big $$ even better!

  9. I am secretly hoping they are there...

  10. oh my gosh, I am one of those people who if I saw these and needed them theyd be in my car before I was even done shopping! Im hoping theyre still there for you:)

  11. You're too those chairs and I hope it was meant to be! Fingers crossed for you.

  12. Honey, go back and I pray those chairs are there. For that price, I would have bought them on the spot. I found one similar only the fabric was a gaudy mauve and it was $45 for one. They are great chairs. Good Luck!

  13. They are adorable chairs such great lines! Can't wait to hear :) THinking of you!

  14. gasp! Is that a $24 sticker?! Or are my eyes misleading me?! If it is - wow! What a great deal for some beautiful chairs!!

  15. Those are gorgeous! Too bad they were gone! What a bummer! I give you credit. I would not be able to give myself a month! Probably not a day! I'm too impatient.


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