Monday, May 10, 2010

how to celebrate holidays in pharmacy school

Move the holiday!

A photo from last year...I adore this captured moment in between shots.

Of course the Monday after Mother’s Day they would test us over ALL psychiatric medications. And of course it would be from the professor that can not teach and is VERY old school. And of course it would DECIDE our grade in the class.

But instead of the woe is me attitude, I made an executive decision.

I will move the holiday to my date of choice. This allows me to study guilt free and to enjoy the benefits of the said day to my fullest desire. Plus, I better get into the practice of moving a holiday…afterall, I am in healthcare now.

Needless to say, I did get my gifts (the theme was simple indulgences…I love themes) on Mother’s Day. My favorite?

A sleep mask from Target. What a fabulous gift! And under $5? I love it.

If I have a moment to squeeze better believe a nap will be involved. My husband is ever so thoughtful and so loving….and better yet, he let me test drive it Sunday and today.

Now…if only I could look as lovely as Holly Golightly when I awoke.


P.S. So Mother's Day for Lola, Mom and me is THIS Sunday. :) OH! No quiz or test till Thursday! I am feeling a project coming on. :)


  1. We moved Mother's Day to last weekend. Momma was up here for lots 'o doctor visits, so my sister came up and we celebrated a week early. A good thing, since Momma came down with the flu Saturday this weekend. : (

    I hope you thoroughly enjoy your mother and grandmother this weekend!

  2. Hello you sweet glad you moved mother's day. I did too...took myself a personal day last Thursday...allowed myself a coffee at Border's, a new book, and time in Goodwill, and time to create. It was a splendid day.
    Sunday was not a good day...sewage/plumbing problems creating a horrific mess over the weekend. Oh so fun. Having lost two moms myself, I truly do not enjoy the day. Aren't I merry sunshine? So...I had a little spell in my closet of tears, and cleaned for the afternoon. Add in a little too much pms, and I was a splendid mess.
    Today was a better day.
    Love this pic of you and Thurgood!

  3. Mine w/jamie is moved to may 28th! That's when we will get together to celebrate her birthday too.
    I hope Sunday will be fabulous for all 3 of you!
    ps can't wait to see a project!

  4. The family I nanny for moved Mother's day too! The mom had to work, and wanted to be able to enjoy a full day with her little ones. Good for you not letting life get in the way of celebrating the way you want to!

  5. happy mothers day! make sure to spoil yourself on sunday. you deserve it!

  6. I couldn't agree with you more....we can celebrate any day of the year....who says we have to do it on that date! Glad your succeeding-I know what it takes to be dedicated and your going to be an amazing Pharmacist! Can I come work with you when you open your own pharmacy-:)

  7. Love that you moved your mothers day :) I'm sorry you had a tough night, hang in there!

  8. that is the sweetest picture of you and your little lover! Enjoy your Mothers Day on Sunday!

  9. Glamorous sleep mask! Hope the exam went well!

  10. i know this is a year late, but i just came across this post/your blog, etc. and we do this ALL the time!!!!!
    we move holidays as we choose and see one misses special morning-of events, and our just-us-at-home Christmas is always first to be celebrated!
    kudos to you for doing the same!


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