Thursday, June 17, 2010

and her name is layla

So after coming to terms with the fact that the "twins" were not meant to be, I kept my eye out for something even more special..more perfect for my bedroom. bedroom is STILL not done. I have had a hanging project that I have yet to complete before it is done to my standards. School...that alone should suffice as to why I am not done.

Anywho...I found this chair at one of my thrift stores for $45.

I took her picture and started my 1 month wait alarm clock. I could not help but think it as a "twin" of Layla's chair. How perfect would it look nestled next to my dresser enhancing the wood tones against the white wall? Even using the fabrics as Layla did, would make this beauty even more precious.

I then forgot about the chair for 2 months.

Yes!!! 2 months! Therapeutics 4 consumed me and unfortunately design fell off my priority list. But last night while studying for my last final, I stumbled upon this beauty on etsy.

And the price tag? $550!

I can only tell you that seeing this chair while studying for my last final spoke to me. I HAD to go see the chair again. So after handing over my LAST final, I headed off to the Thrift Store with one of my best friends, Trisha Lou.

And there she was...still in the same spot. But to my delight, she was marked down & Thursday was student discount day. It was MEANT TO BE! So this lovely chair came home with me for $12.

Look how happy she is in her new home!

As real as it gets...note the cable cord standing out ever so blah

With a little love and care...she will be stunning, as anyone who is named Layla should be.


PS If only I could better explain how wonderful it is to NOT have to worry, think, or even discuss school. :)


  1. yay for no school! yay for layla... now I have barry manilow's song in my head... her name was lola! hahahah
    great chair, great price!

  2. Yippee! LOVE this chair...infinite possibilities! I'm looking for a chair for our bedroom...and clearly need this ones twin!

  3. Twelve dollars?!?!
    Great find!

  4. how crazy is it that you found that chair? great find. congrats on no school worries. I know the feeling when I was studying for my masters, let's just say there were a lot of meltdowns.

  5. Heck, yesss!!! You've got me humming Clapton's "Layla" and the dog keeps glancing at me suspiciously (the husband's oblivious as he's glued to the Celtics/Lakers game).

    E!! She's GORGEOUS. I can't believe you snapped her up for $12--that's amazing! I'm dying to see how you transform her. And congrats on your last final--woo to the hoo, girl!!

    P.S. Layla's always been on my short list of girl names once we decide to reproduce. Ha!

  6. Yay for 1) taking your last final, and 2) finding your chair. It was meant to be! =) Enjoy your short break!

  7. Congratulations on no more school! Your chair is lovely! It was meant to be and $12 is a steal! Have a great weekend. xx

  8. Holy Cow! $12!!! That is a mega steal deal. And you were right, it does look happy in it's new home. Congrats on taking the last final. I remember that free feeling after I finished.

  9. E, thanks for becoming a follower and WOW! Don't you LOVE LOVE LOVE a great find!!!! I'm anxious what you'll do with your new 'baby' now that it's in your hands. I'll keep watching :)

  10. What a great find, that chair will be fabulous but it will be a project! I can't wait to see it in progress.

  11. Wow, that is a great deal...I was sad for you when the twins didn't work out, but I guess it was meant to be, b/c this chair is gonna be gorgeous! Have a fun summer!


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