Saturday, June 19, 2010

jessica & jace

So here is another little tidbit about me.

I ADORE creating wedding bouquets. Today marked my 50th wedding. I had the honor of doing Jessica's wedding flowers, one of my dear friends from pharmacy school. I did them as my gift to her. I cherish her friendship and wanted to make her wedding as perfect as I could with each petal.

So I know you are asking when do I have time & how did I start this?

Well....yes amid finals I did, as I always do, become buddies with FedEx. But as for starting....well it all started when one of my best friends since 4th grade asked me if I could do her wedding flowers. And of course I told Christine ABSOLUTELY. And from that, blossomed my love of flowers...especially the rose. So I call my little "hobby" The Bride & Bloom.

I took only a few pictures of Jessica's wedding. I did not want to anger the ACTUAL wedding photographer. I also retouched them just a tad...afterall, they are wedding pictures. (By the way, I think the pictures turned out lovely.)

I ALWAYS have to get a picture of the bride with her bouquet.

There is also something about an impromptu shot that makes me giddy.

My lovely little centerpieces. I finessed them with petals & candlelight, but I saved the "petaling" till it was closer to the event for freshness.

It is not a wedding without a picture of the kiss.

I LOVE this picture. Jessica's smile is breathtaking.

So this is how I spent my Saturday. There is something inspiring about witnessing a marriage. To Jessica & Jace, may love always radiate from your blessed hearts.



  1. You have so many tricks up your sleeve! Who knew? What a fun little hobby amidst your crazy studying schedule. This bride and her flowers are stunning. Awesome job!! LOVE that you are capturing the moments too.

  2. The flowers look gorgeous! Great job! What a wonderful gift!

  3. Those flowers look lovely and I love the centerpieces, they are so fresh! You are talented... and a great multi-tasker! ;o)

  4. They are beautiful, as usual! You should post pictures of YOUR wedding flowers! Of course, I credit myself for "discovering" you!

  5. wow, you do great work! What a beautiful wedding ceremony. Great looking couple! Oh my, I can only think about how hot it must have been!

  6. Thank you soooo much for commenting on the mirror. I was waiting for a few more, and now I'm going to have Mr. Mark hang it today. The price was more than half of one that is comparable and the size I like. So...with 4 kids and a vacation coming just needs to be ok!
    The faucet...was a big splurge...and we love it! It's just a little bit different than your standard faucet, and I'm so glad we ran with that. Decision of the it ok to put chrome hooks for the kids buckets back on the wall? Or do I need to puchase brushed nickel ones. The toilet bar and hand towel bar are the brushed nickel. The old toilet handle is fine, but chrome, as is the hooks and window sill latch. Oy. Such silly decisions...but I want to be economical and do it right!

  7. BEAUTIFUL Bouquets and centerpieces. The photos are beautiful too. I think your blog should just be called be "Beauty." Your attempt has already been successful :)

  8. You'd think I'd be used to your breathtaking creations by now. But they still stun me into a jaw-dropping, intensely-staring, breath-stopping state.

    Then I slink away into my little corner of inadequacy and sheer humbleness. If you need to reach me, I'll be in that corner for a while.


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