Monday, August 23, 2010


That is where I have been lately. (And yes it IS an Xbox game, that oddly enough Mr. B and Thurgood enjoy conquering).

Now that my rotations are in full swing...I am averaging between 40-60 hrs a week in perfecting pharmacy as a profession.

I spent 5 weeks at Krogers which was crazy intense. They have 3 pharmacists, 1 intern, and about 6 little ole me (this is A LOT of people in one would not believe the number of prescriptions we fill in a day). Plus I had the honor of EVERY transfer, consult, new prescription from the MD line. I am THAT good...Ha! I am the FREE labor.

So obviously I had little time for you my dear friends.

It is amazing how close I became with Pinot Grigio though.

After that chaos of 5 weeks, I am now in my Acute Care hospital rotation. I am on the ICU/CVCU floor. From open heart surgeries to the mobile health van, I am EVERYWHERE. I can not even to begin to tell you what this rotation is like. It is a completely DIFFERENT environment, but I am learning beyond any note or textbook.

When you see a beating heart in an open chest cavity...well it is most awesome. (I also have found myself skipping french fries as a side and opting for stairs when I can.)

I am beyond busy, but it is good busy. AND...I MISS YOU.

So outside of pharmacy, I have had other projects..if you can believe it.

I did flowers for my cousins wedding in downtown Indy (here is a teaser).

And my mom and I have been commissioned by a friend of mine (and former teacher too) to create fascinators for 2 of his boutiques in Louisville. We are presenting 10 for review this Sunday. I promise to keep you posted and take pics of our little beauties.

Oh...and did I mention I am potty training?

My son at Colleen's wedding....oh my. He is such a ham. Where does he get it?



  1. beautiful wedding photo! Thurgood IS so ADORABLE! Oh my gosh... what a cutie! Wondering what hospital you are at....
    So good to hear something from you. :)

  2. Hey E! Nice to "see" you! Your little guy is such a handsome one!

    Good luck with your rotations! My sister just finished hers in May and took her boards and started her first full week as a real pharmacist this week! : )

  3. Holy cow, chick! You aren't just busy as a bee, you're busy as the super juggling, Queen Bee! Glad to hear (see) everything is going well!

  4. WOW, I think you are the new image of the super mum, Im exhausted just reading about what youve been up to. Sounds like you are really enjoying every moment tho.... Your little guy is very handsome!!! Don't work to hard.

  5. I loved hearing about what your up to and the excitement that is the Kroger pharmacy! Oh, and what is a fascinator? (Don't laugh if it's something that I really should know...I'm out here in Amishland, what can I say??)


    ps- I don't think I realized how close you are to me, down there in the South! I grew up in SW Ohio and used to work in Richmond, IN. And I head to the J Crew outlet down by Cincy whenever the opportunity presents itself.

  6. Thurgood is so handsome!! He's like a mini GQ model.

    You are so busy, and always so talented. Deep breaths and lots of Pinot Grigio. You are well on your way!

  7. I think your friend Pinot Grigio and my buddy Cabernet Sauvignon need to meet......

    You never cease to amaze me with what you have on your overflowing plate of life. How do you handle everything w/ your signature style & grace? Quit making the rest of us look so bad!! HA! If I didn't adore you so much, I'd be seething w/ jealousy. My life coach and I are working on this. =] Love ya, mean it!!

    (Sooooooo thrilled to have you back, limbo and all! Your comments make my day everytime!!)

  8. Girl, you are BUSY and seem to be rockin' in! I love the pic of Thurgood at the wedding, such a cutie!


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