Monday, August 30, 2010

where I blog

I am linking to Centsational Girl's Where You Blog Party.

Here is my space in its most real and day to day element. I indulge in my blogging while lounging on my living room sectional. Here is what it looks like right NOW at 7 in the evening:

Thurgood watching a movie on his daddy's computer while my computer is on the sofa...and yes, that IS a light saber on the ottoman.

On evenings when I get to sneak into your worlds...both Mr. B and I will be on the couch, feet or legs draped over one another...him on youtube or working on school stuff and me "pretending" to study Top 200 Drug Flash cards but really catching up on all your lovely rooms and precious moments.

It is my favorite place to be when my day is done...and maybe if I am lucky, I get a foot rub too. :)



  1. How sweet! I like that spot! :) If you get a chance swing by and look at a room I am designing for a client! Hugs, Meme

  2. So sweet! I love this very real shot of Thurgood. He's adorable! And I think looking at rooms must be much more fun than drug cards. UGH. Every day and you are getting closer!

  3. How's this of these days I will show up at your door (laptop & wine & creme brulee in tow) and we can blog surf on your svelte sectional to our hearts' content.

    But when our men ask us what we're doing, you'll say studying (believable) & I'll say buying stocks in wine (totally believable). They'll be none the wiser.

    Little T is so handsome, I almost can't stand it!!

  4. Your couch looks super cozy compared to my soggy sofa! I am also glad to see another blogger who takes advantage of some relaxing sofa time! Such a cute little child too...I don't have that living room accessory yet!

    I'm going to explore your blog some more, hope you have a good day and look forwrad to seeing more of your writing.

  5. Alright, this is hilarious (not yours, but mine). I've been toying with participating in this challenge for a few days and think you may have convinced me. Scratch that, Thurgood has convinced me. And wait till you see why - here's a hint. I'm basically blogging from his chair! Can't wait to show you what I mean

  6. Hi! I love all of your spaces! Especially your blogging spot with that ADORABLE little guy nearby! I called my husband over to show him how precious your little one is and David's response was: "Aw, he's adorable, I want one! And I want one of those light sabers, too...." Ha ha! Thanks for stopping by Ten June!

    xo- M

  7. :) have a great day my friend!

  8. Thurgood looks like he is in a Hanes commercial for those socks! So cute!!! Love his curly sweet hair and cool, suave expression!

  9. He is so handsome! I love where you blog! I wish I had a Mac Book so I could blog on my couch! : )

  10. OMG, my boy SOOOOOO wants a red lightsaber ! Or 'wite-saver' as he calls it. Priceless ! Thanks for linking up to the party this week. You are in the majority of gals who blog right from the coziest spot on the couch!

  11. I sit on my couch and blog as well! It's too comfy not to :) You have been so busy with work!! I don't know how you do it! Hang in there

  12. Your little is too cute for words with his curls! Happy to hear you're feeling better!
    Thanks for stopping by today!

  13. Your boy is too cute! And I'm laughing because it looks like we have almost the same sectional and the same ottoman (overstock??).


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