Tuesday, May 3, 2011

in my next house

I am all about documenting what little delights I want to see in my next home. Granted I LOVE LOVE LOVE my home, but being just a slab with no basement...we will surely out grow our little home sooner than later.

As for what dreaminess I have been envisioning lately...I would love marble like this in my master bathroom:

I think with floors like these I could see myself prancing around barefoot more often. You can find more loveliness here at this shoppe.

Ever find yourself swooning over a building material? I think with the right elements, a room can become opulent and individualized all at once.


PS Ok....back to studying for boards. :(


  1. Those are gorgeous! I especially like the second one!

  2. Beautiful flooring! Funny thing,....my dream home would be, a rambling ranch ON A SLAB! I know, right? I hate our basement, 'course the house is over 110 years old. But like the song goes..."You can't always get what you want."

  3. I agree with Carmel- that second one is amazing! And helloo, yes I drool over building supplies! Remember my posts on a window? Pocket door? TOILET?! Ha, I love it all. Especially this gorgeous tile!

  4. yummy floors! :) good luck w/ the studying!

  5. Holy cow, E! Those are gorgeous!


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