Tuesday, May 10, 2011

so haute

This post is brought to you by Floyd Memorial Hospital...:)

Who needs a good hair day when you spend your day in the OR?

Hmm...I need to reshape my brows and man can I work a floral print.
Brr...it was SO cold {more so than normal for the OR} so I had to layer up even if my colors were not regulation, but I do look very Spring like.

On my last rotation, which also happens to be my future place of employment so I am all over the place shadowing and exploring possible areas for pharmacy to make a stake {imagine me as an OR pharmacist} .....and June 11th can not come soon enough.

 I am tired of being a "wanna be" pharmacist. I am ready to be MeganDVD, PharmD. :)



  1. This is darling! I LOVED OR pharmacy! =) Congratulations!!

  2. welll, look how darn cute you are! LOL thanks for sharing that photo with us!

  3. Awe!! so cute:) You are in my hubby's outfit, minus the floral print of course. You go girl!!

  4. You are totally rockin' that surgical mask! Way hot! June 10th will be here before you know it...just don't forget about us little people when you become MeganDVD, PharmD (love that BTW)!

  5. I am SOO proud of you. I am happy to call you my friend. : )


  6. You can totally do floral! I'm so excited for you! Those three years have flown by...even if some of the weeks have dragged!

  7. Aw, Im so happy for you girile!! So close :0)

  8. you are rockin' that mask girlie! so happy for you.. almost there!

  9. Girl, you work that look VERY well! ;) June 11th is not far off. Not far, at all!

  10. June 11?? June 11??? So where's the party?? what should I bring?? Is it dress up?? I'm so excited!! You did it!! I had no idea you were so close!! Just love your haute couture!!!


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