Thursday, June 16, 2011

a thank you

It is so much easier to vlog when you still feel a little sick in the stomach and have some pains in the abdomen. And please...ignore my eyes in the opening still. No that is NOT the oxycodone...that is me. :)

Hmm...I kinda like vlogging. :) Might have to do this more often. Hehehe. Excited to finally meet some of you on Saturday at The Mint Julep Jaunt!



  1. I'm so glad you're feeling better! I just did a vlog, too (for the first time in a long time), and you're right, it's fun!

  2. Awwww! I'm so happy you are feeling better and just look at how beautiful you look on camera! Wish I was going to be at the mint julep jaunt :( Hope yo ladies have a wonderful time! I still can't figure out how you managed to post at all while studying ... its becoming harder and harder for me. Many blessings & lots of love ~ Stacy

  3. yay! You look great glad you are feeling better! Hugs, meme

  4. I am so glad you are feeling better! I wish I could be going to the mint julep jaunt! Have fun!

  5. How thoughtful! Love the vlog!

  6. You are TOO cute! I am so flipping excited for Saturday!!! It's going to be a blast. Thanks so much to you and Gail for setting up this little shindig.

    SOOO happy you're feeling better, too!


  7. yay! vlog! :) love it, you're a natural. :)
    see you tomorrow!!!!
    so glad you're feeling better. Take it easy today so you'll be good to go tomorrow, k?

  8. I'm glad you are feeling better! It's so good to see you "in person", too! Hehe!


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