Monday, June 27, 2011

guess who is coming to dinner?

I think that as I get closer to the idea of moving {whether into a multi-family home or a slightly larger one for my little family}, I am really starting to embrace the new vision for my home. After my love affair with a more airy, crisp look...I could not help but that look me?
I love white kitchens and white bedding...I do love white, but I have always been drawn to black or deep rich colored woods.
I decided to reexamine some of my inspiration pics and see if they still "move" me.
When I think of a dining room, I have always wanted something with flair and style, but infused with a "come sit" at me feeling. I want my dining room to be an extension of my family room.
I have had a crush on this table for about 5 years. It is from Red Tree. It comes in so many finishes.It actually comes in one that is almost identical to PB's Mahogany Stain. I do like the dark wood with the black bottom though. I could easily get 6-8 at this table.

One thing that I have known from the start in the dining room is that I will have 3 small chandys above the table. I found these from Arhaus, but I actually saw one that I heart from Red Tree when we were there for our Jaunt. I only wish I had not forgotten to take a pic....grrr. But this pic give you the idea.

Chairs have been my challenge. I really like the idea of having 2 end chairs slipcovered as so.

I have had my eye on these chairs for quite some time. I think they are lovely. I love the shape. I find them feminine but functional. They look fabulous dressed up or au natural.
I have been eyeing these x-back chairs for quite some time.  In fact, when I was 25 (before I was even married) I bought 6 of them. Not at PB, but at Value City for $15 each. They are natural...but a little stain or paint can go a long way.

This image shows you the cabinets I want..and yes, I want 2 of them. I love the idea of having dishes, serveware, glasses all there in the dining room. I have always thought this would be divine for family dinner and for entertaing {and another reason to add to my white serveware collection}.
So...does my vision still have flair? Even more importantly...does it look like me?



  1. I feel your pain!! I have seen so many blogs with the all white look, but I know it is not me! I am in the midst of re-doing rooms in my home. I want to lighten them up, but not to all white! I think dark stained furniture pieces are timeless and a few painted pieces thrown in for good measure can create a good look. Follow your heart!! not the latest trends!

  2. Three chandeliers would be very cool...and I LOVE the first two chairs. Happy to hear you're feeling better and everything went ok.

  3. Oooh I am loving your ideas! I agree with Londen- the three chandys would be amazing!

  4. Would you believe me if I told you we did a post on those very same light fixtures? I procliamed that someday they would be coming home with us :0) So I must say, GREAT TASTE hahahaha.

  5. Hey dear! I love that's classic but with a little twist! Plus, the chandeliers give a little sparkle that I love so much!

  6. I love the table and mixing different chairs. I think the 3 chandy idea will add so much - like the cherry on top of a cupcake :)


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