Sunday, July 10, 2011

2nd sunday in july

For me the definition of summer is a good church picnic. Here in Southern Indiana, we have so many, and the season officially starts with my home tri-parish picnic that supports the grade school I went to and the grade school my sister teaches at: the St. Joe Picnic in Corydon, Indiana.

You have not lived till you have been to a church picnic....and mine is extra special. Trust me...after 20+ years of working it and going to other picnics, the St. Joe Picnic is sacred to me. Every sense in your soul comes is my attempt to capture them for you.
The smells & crackling sounds of the Miller family frying the chicken in one of the 4H barns {no doubt the hottest job EVER}. For generations they have been the "top chefs" of the chicken.

 The nostalgic sound of the 80's speakers calling out bingo numbers. The families of the Bierlys and the Babcocks have Bingo down to a science.

The St. Joe Picnic tea is better than any golden arches could ever make. Brewed and then poured into old saurkraut crocks with huge ice chunks floating on top...this tea is pure heaven. To get some, one of the church ladies dips her steel pot into the crocks and pours each pot of liquid goodness into steel pitchers for young children to carry table to table {as I did when I was 9}.

The picnic would not be the picnic without Daddy Don and Rowena (they are my 2nd set of parents and took care of my sister & I growing up.) They made the picnic what it is today. And even though their kids have not been students of St. Joe in over 30+ years..they work every year.

There is something divine about homemade cakes and chicken wire. The two are just meant for each other. Here is my favorite row...the chocolate cakes with white frosting. Yes...they put them in rows by flavors. Each family in the tri-parish makes 2 cakes & 4 pies. I use to make the ones for our family: 2 German Chocolate Cakes & 4 Derby pies.

A craft on the verge of extinction..quilting. My parents have worked in the quilt booth for over 30+ years. My mom is always out and about looking stylish with a hat fit for a Southern belle as she sells quilt chances.  Why did I not get a picture? Argh.

This is the reason people come from Missouri, Ohio,  and the southern parts of Kentucky: the food. Nothing is better. This is just a sampling of the 7..yes, 7 sides that our offered to our guests. I could eat my weight in the dressing {a recipe from my late Aunt Hannah}. And those noodles...they come from Rowena's family. The Bierly women do the noodles and the Bierly men do the Bingo. :) Haha...don't even get me started on the pies. We have everything you could ever imagine.

Hope you enjoyed a glimpse of what makes summer special to me and my family. I cherish this event and will forever anticipate the 2nd Sunday in July.

What makes your summer sacred?


  1. Oh, man! I totally miss that! I can TASTE the noodles and the fried chicken now! And the cucumbers! Mmmmm! Thanks for the fantastic pictures!!

  2. Oh how fun! Looks like a perfect summer day!

  3. What a charming picnic! I am so appreciative of lovely traditions like this one! You truly have memories to cherish and wonderful friends and heritage! You are blessed!

  4. Hello COB friend! Sorry I haven't been by in a while, it's the new baby haze, which is starting to lift. At least enough to browse around and visit a few blog friends. :)

    Yum!! Yeeeees, the church picnic! Our big one is in early fall, but boy is it yummy! Love the pictures too.

    Happy Summertime!



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