Saturday, July 9, 2011


Thurgood often asks me if he can play with my phone. He loves the camera function. I have often found multiple self portraits of my child. But today when playing with my phone...he took a picture of me.

When I saw was so pure and raw and so VERY real. I was actually surprised by the shot {afterall..he is 4}.

This is definitely up and focused.

And what has my attention you ask?
I am studying for my boards.

This is one DIY that I want to perfect....and trust me, I will let you know the pending days of the BIG exams {oh yeah...I have to take 3!}. I need all the positive vibes out there for me. I usually don't have test anxiety, but this is testing that theory.



  1. great picture thurgood! :)
    good luck to you blog daughter! gail sings "you can do it I know you can" A song I sang to jamie many times as a child.
    thinking of you!

  2. Go girl, GO!!!! You will hit it out of the park!

  3. Beautiful picture! Good luck on your boards. I'm sure you'll kick their butts :)

  4. What a little photographer!! Looks like you need to take a break!Your more than you think you are! hit the books lightly.

  5. Great picture! You will do great on your boards! :)


  6. You are going to be great, E! I have all the faith in the world in you!!! : )


  7. Good luck!! We all know you can do this! :)
    And, by the way, your little man might have a knack for photography~ That's a great shot he took!

  8. You're gonna kick it in the tushie! And I LOVE seeing that pic of you. :)

  9. I know you are going to do awesome, as usual! I'm sure you are ready to have it over with....Good vibes coming your way from Alabama!!

  10. If you didn't already take them, Good Luck from one pharmacist to another!! I'm sure you'll do great! I'm getting ready to take my TN and MS MPJE exams as we are moving from Michigan to Tennessee next month so I feel your pain... and stress! :)


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