Sunday, August 21, 2011

a litte nesting to do

I have about a million projects/crafts started in and about my home.....and none to show you because they are far from being finished. Well, either that or they need a bit more love {aka tweaking} before they make it on here for their debut party. What I have noticed though is that I am completely drawn to DIY necklaces.

And these little necklaces are so sweet and endearing.

I am head over heels for these little nests. Imagine doing these little nests in the birthstones of your babies. And look! She made a single pearl one for my little man already! I think Miss Sarah has a way of inspiring...all I need is some wire and I can do this.

Yes, I will most likely shamelessly copy this idea. It is just too sweet to not at least try. More importantly maybe I can peer pressure you into trying them too so I won't been alone in being shameless. Who is with me?

Time to take the baked dough (oh..I mean cookies) out of the oven. Thurgood and I have a small addiction to Sunday night baking.



  1. Oh my gosh! Those are so cute!

  2. My girls would love to make these! i need to get jewelry making supplies!:) so pretty


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