Friday, August 5, 2011

oooh the places you will go

There is something about maps. I find them fascinating and inspiring. And now..I am all about repurposing them. Just take a glimpse at all the cute things you can do with maps.

You can bet your bottom dollar I will be doing this! You know me and how much I adore "prettifying" {yes...I am creating new words too} lamp shades. this mobile would be lovely in an office or playroom

Who needs GPS when you have this as your clutch?

I love garlands...and this is beyond cute.

And of course the whole repurposing of maps with the 3 hearts of: where we met, married, and honeymooned is simply wonderful. If the nest was still around this would be THE thing to make. I guarantee it. :)
all images from etsy

So I think I am going to see if I can spy a few old maps to repurpose...on to the hunt. Do you have anything you are keeping an eye out for?



  1. I just adore maps myself. I used an old one as a shelf liner.

  2. Love this! I might have to steal some of that....when I have time!

  3. I think I just pinned like 4 of these ideas!! I love maps so much. I need to do the art piece for my new gallery wall. @Pine Tree Home, that is such a great idea to use a map as a shelf liner....or as a drawer liner! Great post, e!

  4. The last map DIY with the heart is calling my name!

  5. Oh, how cute those are!!! Here's another one to add to the list. Look at the third picture...


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