Saturday, December 17, 2011

the twinkle of Christmas

Amid the hour or 2 of waiting for my dough to rise {I am making Pioneer Woman's Cinnamon Rolls}, I thought I would tinker with the settings on my camera to take a twinkling picture of Thurgood trimming the tree (that is..after the cat knocked off an ornament).

Thank you to one of my nestie buddies, Beth, for the tips on creating a memorable Christmas tree photo. You brought that extra twinkle to our family tree...thank you!

Raising the bar..Thurgood placed one ornament much higher away from the swat of Atticus.

Admiring one of his that Lola gave him.

The twinkle picture from my eye to yours.

Hmmm...I need to take a few more of our Christmas decor and join all the Open Houses while there is still time. I have a few tins of yummy rolls to make.



  1. Have you made PW cinnamon rolls before? They are truly delicious!! I've been making them every year since she originally posted them on her blog... I give them to all our friends for Christmas or special occasions.

    What a lovely tree!! I am just now decorating the house... tree has been up and decorated but that was the extent! Take care and enjoy your family!!

  2. Beautiful! I read those tips too and it really helped!

  3. ::grabs mimosa fixin's & runs out the door, hollering "Cinnamon rolls? I'm so there!"::

    That Beth sure knows how her stuff. The pic looks amazing! And can that really be little T?! The T-man's not so little anymore, but stil just as precious as ever.


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