Sunday, December 18, 2011

save the last dance for me

7 years ago today I married Mr. B. It was a day just like today here in Louisville, KY. The sun was out shining, it was not too cold at all, and there was a hint of Christmas in the air.

I think we still make the cutest couple.
I carried the most beautiful red roses {that I put together myself}. I walked down the aisle in my Dad's arms in our little country church. We had a big band orchestra at our reception in downtown Louisville that played into the wee hours in the morning. And as a complete new husband serenaded me with "Save the Last Dance for Me" while I danced with all his friends and fraternity brothers. Such lovely memories...and even more followed after 7 years.

With our anniversary approaching I find it is so hard to buy gifts for Mr. B, but this year I found something that was perfect. Since the 7th year is copper {at least according to the internet}, I had this stunning cuff from Etsy customized with 7 copper plates. Each plate commemorated something special for each of the years we were married.

And to keep it I re-promised myself to do on this blog...once you pan back, you get the real image of Mr. B in his natural habitat.
No. He had no clue I even took these pictures. After 7 years, I have gotten pretty sneaky.

There is no need to save the last dance for my husband. He has my dance card filled now and forever.



  1. What a fantastic gift! I bet he loves it!

  2. Love it! Great idea, great wedding, great couple! What wonders you will have this next year...maybe a girl's name to add to the cuff!

  3. Happy Anniversary to you and Mr. "b" :) How sweet that he serenaded you!
    That's a great gift! Gotta love those talented people on etsy.
    lots of love to ya e !!!
    your blog mama!

  4. Happy Anniversary!! What a thoughtful gift, E. : )

  5. Has it really been 7 years already! Crazy to think we have "known" each other that long. I dont think I'll ever forget your wedding photos, they are some of my all time favorites. Your gift is fantastic, I hope he loves it as much as I do. The way you took this photo is HILARIOUS!! Got your email!!! been waiting till I had ample time to reply - {{{great big hug}}}

  6. Awwww, I just shed a tear. I love this post and I love you and Mr B. together, you two are amazing! xoxo! Cheers to many more wonderful years!

  7. Happy Anniversary, E!! I've said it before & I'll say it again: you & Mr. B make a GORGEOUS couple. Were we ever to meet up IRL, my self-esteem might just take a brutal dive. I think I've got a couple crush on you guys {blushing}.

    I simply adore the copper bracelet both for its soulful sweetness & style quotient. Cheers to growing old together!

    (Your comment on Quinn's "hot girl" name had me laughing so hard. I read it aloud to Mr. FC & we giggled....then he got that worried look. Like, oh gawd, what did we get our daughter in to?! HA!!)

  8. Lots of people say their wedding day was the greatest day of their life's. I can understand why. I like the gift you got him of the separate plates on a bracelet. Very unique and cool.


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