Friday, April 30, 2010

lilies for the fillies: The Kentucky Oaks {UPDATED 5/1/10}

I know that most of you know that tomorrow, the 1st Saturday in May, is Louisville's moment in the global spotlight with the Kentuck Derby. But..truth be told, The Kentucky Oaks is the local treasure and my favorite.

There is something extra special about the Oaks in my opinion. It is not as crowded as the Derby (it is getting close though), but it is just as spectacular. From the horses to the fashion to the new "Oaks" mint julep...I am in love.

And personally, the garland of lillies is even more breathtaking than the garland of roses.

The Oaks is a tradition for my mom. Every year, my mom finds the perfect dress and decorates (herself) the PERFECT hat. Then she and her girlfriends are off to day at the races. The first time she invited me, I about fell out of my chair. It was extra special and the experience was all together perfect.

I wanted to share a piece of Oaks with you...just so you could see how and maybe one year, come join me. :)

Ahhh...the infield. Something you should do once...key word is ONCE.

And the most IMPORTANT part of Oaks (and Derby)..the hats. Lovely hats everywhere..such eye candy.

Just a glimpse into our little corner of the world. Maybe one year you can come and join me. I will even help you find and decorate the most perfect hat.



I wanted to attach pictures of my mother and sister at HAVE to see her hats she made. It was a gorgous day..and the hats...well look at them! Need I say more?


  1. Gotta LOVE those hats. I think the pics you show are better than the ones they had of the Today Show this morning. Hope you have a fun filled day.

    Did you have Derby Pie?


  2. Beautiful! Looks like so much fun. Thanks for sharing and enlightening the rest of us who have no idea what it's like there!! :)

  3. Those colorful hats are so cheery. Made my day.

  4. How fun!!! Reminds me of opening day at the races here! Been thinking of you, hope your well!

  5. Thanks for showing off all the hats! That sounds like so much fun! I think I would go just to wear one! Thanks!

  6. I had to look at those pictures twice because I enjoyed them so much.

    I love it!

  7. This looks like so much fun! I would love to make a hat just for the day.

  8. I love this, especially all the hats. I wish it was still in style to wear hats like that all the time. How wonderful.



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