Saturday, September 25, 2010

glass vs. wood

Excuse me, but I need a little feedback. Please be honest....I have a "feeling" but I need some enabling.

Which do you prefer?




I am purposely not showing the overall piece to get your 1st instinct just from the jewelry you prefer..I mean knobs. Thank you for your back to your regular weekend schedule. :)


PS Am I CRAZY for wanting to paint my lovely blue bathroom back to a neutral? I think I might be.


  1. Glass if you're looking for classy of safistication, (mypreference). Wood if you're going more for a country/homey/shabby-chic look.

  2. That's be classy or sophisticated and I know I still spelled that wrong.

  3. Glass, definitely glass! It's gorgeous, can't wait to see the whole piece! Have a fabulous weekend!

  4. glass, I like shiny things!
    have a great weekend! enjoy this beautiful weather, I know I am!

  5. I like the glass too, but I would have to say it depends on the home for the piece. The wood is more masculine looking to me. But not knowing what is for exactly- my first instinct is the (prettier, girlier IMHO)glass one. =)

  6. ok, I guess I'm alone, because I like the wood one with the wood background. I think, if the piece were to be painted white (or another light color...turquoise...or something) and distressed, I'd LOVE the glass one on it. But on the wood tone, I definitely like the wood. Can't wait to see what you're doing!

  7. I like the second wood one. That was my first choice, the 1 second rule. Decided quick.

  8. The wood one if it's stained but this is hard not knowing where its going. I would usually say glass but like pine tree home, I went with my first choice.

  9. Its glass for me too, and thats not just on my first instinct. Kept going back to look at it and staying with the glass. I love the bathroom blue, but it sounds like you want a change. You can always change it back to blue.

  10. Wood for sure. I love the wood knobs. I also think the bath would look great in a more neutral color, like grey, or warm it up with a greige.

  11. Geez is this such a teaser! No fair. I need to know the rest of the context! :) the sparkly glass one, but the stark simplicity and elegance of the wood one is stunning too. Can't wait to see!
    Don't be afraid to paint the's only paint!

  12. That glass just wagged its eyebrows at me!! Of course both are flawless choices and you can't go wrong, but that glass truly spoke to me.

  13. Glass!! So fancy, chic and even romantic all in it!!


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