Wednesday, September 29, 2010

an autumn mantel ***Update***

I ~heart~ fall...for several reasons.

It is sweater weather. It is the time for art festivals & craft shows. It is when I met my husband. But let me not fool you birthday is in October!

I thought I would celebrate the incoming change of seasons with a change in my mantel.

I kept with my love of neutrals, naturals, candlelight, and family.

I NEVER take down my Roman Holiday gift. My husband gave this to me on our 2nd Christmas together. It documented our honeymoon in Rome over the Christmas break we got married. It is one of my most cherished treasures.

I already had the glass vases, the pinecones both glittery & not, and the raffia. Oh how raffia makes me swoon.

The pinecone wreath is from a clearance at Hobby Lobby from 4 years ago. Poor little pinecones were falling off by the numbers. So I glued some of the glitter cones within her to make her more cheerful and holiday.

And this is my FAVORITE picture of Thurgood that was taken in the fall. It is not as over exposed as it looks. Argh...I need a few more practice shots, but I wanted to showcase this today. :)

Hope you find it as delightful as I do!



I was cleaning out one (key word is ONE) of my junk drawers & found this lovely note that was given to me from a former student before the holiday break. I felt it that it would bring another element to my mantel. I already had the frame which I heart as is...but the saying speaks to me.

So here is what my mantal looks like tonight:


PS I am linky to the Nester Fantal Party


  1. Stunning the sweet personal touches. Love the sweet Roman Holiday gift..what a guy!

  2. aww, how special that your husband made that for you! i love all the pinecones you used, my fave thing to decorate with this season! and winter, too!

  3. I love the new mantel but I really love the Roman Holiday gift from your husband, that is so sweet and it looks fabulous too!

  4. Oh and thank you for your great advice today! I woke up to it in my inbox and it was like the best advice from an old friend, thank you so very much : ) Have a fabulous rest of the week!

  5. Hi! I'm visiting from the mantle party. I love how your display is pretty and meaningful to you. :)


  6. Beautiful mantel! Loved the framed present from your husband, very romantic, as well as the note from your former student. Love how you where able to incorporate all the things that have a meaning to you, while still making it look cohesive, warm and "fall-ish" - love the pic of the baby, so adorable :)

  7. What a beautiful arrangement on your mantle. The stories behind the items are meaningful and makes the arrangement even more special!

    Also, loved your Walmart shoes!

    Thanks for sharing,

  8. The mantel looks great with all those natural elements. Did your husband actually make that Roman Holiday art? I think I would fall over dead if mine did something like that:) It's wonderful to display the things that really mean something to you- like the new addition from the student.

  9. Thanks for you sweet comment about my mantel. I'm loving all the pine cones! I wish I would of thought of that. Your mantel looks beautiful!

  10. I love it - it is meaningful and beautiful!

  11. It's so simple and beautiful! The pine cone wreath is wonderful. I need some pine cones on our fake mantel! Thanks for the inspiration (:
    How blessed you are to have such a sweet husband. I love memories that can be displayed like the one you have.

    XO, Michaela

  12. Came over from Virginia House. Pretty mantel, Love the wreath, pinecones and the raffia!

  13. Visiting from The Virginia House! I love your mantel, it is so simple, and yet dressy. I love pine cones, they are great for bringing the outdoors in. Your hubby really made the Roman Holiday frame? I am so impressed! That is amazing!

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