Sunday, September 26, 2010

simple details

Simple details that add that extra touch make me weak in the knees. I feel in love with these adorable little flats at Walmart. They were marked even lower than the $9 tag due to an issue with the string bow on one shoe was unraveling. I giggled & placed them in my basket.

Added a hot pink flower from some satin scraps & pearls...and now they are swoon worthy.

Somehow I accidentally deleted my ta-da picture. Here is one on my bed as best as I could do with no more daylight.

I think you get the picture. Oh..and did I mention they are removeable? The possibilities are endless.

I have to smile because interchangeables remind me of my puppy love of the Kaepa cheerleading shoe when I was in junior high. I was not a cheerleader (although I secretly longed to be one), but darn it I had every color of those triangles to coordinate with my outfit. Did I mention I wore uniforms?

Oh least I was able to jazz it up every now and then with my shoes..and looks like I will be able to once again. GO ME!!


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  1. Okay, those shoes brought back flashbacks!! I did one year of JV Cheer (you weren't missing much!) and we had those shoes! Wow that picture was like a time machine!

  2. Aw I adore these! I totally want to copy you now! I also had a pair of shoes with the clear part that changed color, mine were nikes, and I was a cheerleader so they had to be my school colors, but you best believed I kept the color things and after high school I still wore them : )

  3. Love these new little flats! I'm off to Walmart today to see if I can score a matching pair! :)

  4. Love the shoes! Ive had a similar pair(from Tar-jay)for a couple of years now but every.single.time I wear them I end up with blisters. Its time for a new pair.

  5. I am the proud owner of some leopard/cheetah/whatever print flats and I must say, they are fab!

  6. Oh girl, thank you for the memory of those cheerleader shoes!! I yearned.

  7. oooo..... I love what you did with these!

  8. Love the flats! I heard this year that animal prints are totally a "neutral" and can be worn with everything, in moderation..of course. :) You've kicked it to a new level!

  9. I think these are flippin ADORABLE!!!

    & removable too- that is just too much- I'm telling you I am checking ou the clearance shoes from now on...

  10. Wow, way to jazz up a shoe! You are going to love all the Round Top posts. Amazing, fun place!

  11. I love what you did with these shoes - the red with the print is just down-right luscious!! Love these!!!

  12. Like you, my friend, these are so sassy yet so Audrey-esque! Looove how you emebellished them so much.

    (I totally HAD those Kaepas! Was a cheerleader all thru high school & on game day it was green/gold.....the rest of the week it was whatever I pleased. Ha! I thought I was the shiznit.)


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