Saturday, February 20, 2010

c'mon get happy

What a delightful way to start my weekend! I was nominated for my first blog award by Sixty-Fifth Avenue.

What an honor!! I encourage anyone and everyone to go visit her charmed little world. She offers a pinch of inspiration with a dash of loveliness that composes into a wonderful story of her life, her family, and her projects.

After a week consumed with exams, it is so pleasant to indulge in not only blogging, but what provides me sheer happiness.

Here are my top 10 elements of happiness:
1. Family & Friends – simply said, they are the foundation for what makes me happy
2. Blog Friends & Blogging – after the day is done, they help me relish in the sweetness of life
3. Sweet Tea (specifically Olive Garden’s Peach Bellini) – my mom was such a sweet valentine and actually bought me a gallon of Peach Bellini Tea to carry me through my studies this week

4. Pie – everything is better with a slice of pie. You can’t go wrong with Derby Pie, Key Lime, or Strawberry Rhubarb

5. Musical Theatre – LOVE LOVE LOVE the theatre! I majored in it just for fun along with my chemistry degree. Hehe! I seem to enjoy having my foot in two worlds: science & art

6. Pottery Barn – was there ever a doubt?

7. Photography – even though my camera is behind the times, the essence of the perfect picture captivates me (now if ONLY I could take that kind of picture)

8. Finding a Deal – whether it is that glowing orange red tag at Target or whipping out the Hobby Lobby 40% coupon, I love a good deal.

9. Defining my Home – you may call it decorating but I call it defining. I just adore creating a home that makes my soul exhale.
10.Accomplishment – whether it is raising a bright, young man in this world or completing my PharmD... I find sheer joy in accomplishment.

Now I must bestow the Happy 101 honor on 10 lovely blogs. I am sure a few have been nominated before but I love peeking in on the lovely lives of these beautiful people.

Here are my 10:
1. It’s the Little Things
2. Freckles Chick
3. The Lettered Cottage
4. The Cutest Little Blog
5. My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia
6. Much to Do with Nothing
7. Grace Happens
8. Butterfly Genes (I LOVE the name)
9. Beneath my Heart
10. Rejuvenating Trisha Lou

I am thrilled to introduce you to my friends..both close and far. :)



  1. Many thanks for spreading happiness my way! So tickled to have "met" you...a kindred spirit. Congrats on making it through a tough week! Enjoy some time with your dh and little one!

  2. That is so sweet of your mom to bring you your favorite tea to get you through! Love your list!

  3. Awwww! Thank you so much! I love your list! Here are my responses to some of them:

    1. Friends make life so much more enjoyable. Period.

    2. Blogging - it is an addiction for which I do NOT want an intervention!

    3. Sweet Tea - Well, as Truvy says, "It's the house wine of the South!" My husband and I just got into an after realizing we had no sugar for our tea and neither of us wanted to run to the store! I ended up going and sooooo glad I did. Supper is just not the same without it! : )

    I will have to try the tea at Olive Garden!

    4. My mouth watered after reading the words "Key Lime." Sigh....

    5. Two Words: Les Miserables. That is all.

    8. There was an unexpected coupon for HL in the paper this week and you should have heard me squeal!

    Thank you for including me in this wonderful list!

  4. I love your list, too! And I'll tell you that I only read my friend Juliet's blog (and her family's blogs since they are linked from her's) before you started blogging. Now, I read your's and run over to some of the ones you have linked when the mood strikes. Love it! You and all your creative friends...and everyone seems to keep things in perspective in regards to what's important. Love it!

  5. Only you, my brilliant friend, can pull off such a unique double major! I ADORE these snippets that invite us to peek into your life from a different perspective.

    I'm so honored to be included amongst such lovely company--THANK YOU for thinking of me!

    (I saw Wicked in Denver last winter--breathtaking!!!!)

  6. I hope your exams went well! And, I love your favorites!


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