Saturday, February 6, 2010

tempted by the fibers of another

I have a confession. I think I am committing a serious infringement on a current friendship and I think I need help. Her name is Colette and we have known each other for 5 years. She dazzled and delighted me from the first time we met and more importantly, has graced my home with her synergistic marriage of warm color and subtle silver grey highlights. She cushioned the first steps of my son, withheld her own against our many cocktail mishaps, and comforts me as I study late into the night. Let me introduce her to you:

What we haven’t disclosed to you is our ups and downs with integrating her colors more artistically throughout the family room/great room, let alone our home. Let me state this off the bat. I am all about flow. To me, there is beauty in having rooms play off one another. I know some people have different views of this philosophy but I know for a fact that this is one aspect of design that I am firm on. I simply love a home that has a unifying palette (my only exception would be for a child's room).

Also, I LOVE neutrals, but I admit I have an affection for rust (not orange.. but rust) and steel grey or unsaturated blues. And so this rug was able to gently harmonize both.

BUT...I think I may have fallen out of love. I don't know what has caused this but I seem to be tired of my friend Colette.

Enter Kate:

I think I am smitten. I think she would look majestic on our floors. I think she would be a refreshing change and embrace the color palette I find myself gravitating toward. I think she would create a more perfect flow for our home.

And then there is exotic Malika:

all rugs are Pottery Barn -- of course

What a TEASE! Not only does she fascinate me with her blue temperament but do you see that hint of rust peeking out? (syncope occurring)

I think I have issues.

Do I give Colette a second chance? Do I scrimp and save for a rug for the second time? Do I scour ebay day in and day out? Do I sell an egg and splurge?

Deep down I still love Colette..maybe I just need some convincing to stabilize my roaming eye.

What is a girl to do?


UPDATE: We were unable to tour the Old Louisville home due to a sneaky winter storm. We have rescheduled for Friday of next week. Stay tuned!


  1. You seriously cracked me up with "sell and egg." It took me a minute.... :D

    As far as Colette goes, I LOVE her! Of course, she hasn't been in my house, but her colors are beautiful and would go so well with the colors I want to redo my dining room with! (Not jealous...nope, not me!) But I completely understand wanting to revamp. I think Malika would be a good choice because it does have your fave colors in it.

    What I'm having to do in my house right now is really figure out what I can live with and what I HAVE to change. Maybe there is something else you can do to totally change your perspective (that's much cheaper than replacing a rug), and Colette gets to stay. : )

  2. All the girls are beautiful! Kate is my fav buy Malika covers all your Bases!Good luck it's a tough one!

  3. Rugs are one of the most difficult things to pick in my opinion. Good luck with your choice...they all are fab!


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