Monday, February 15, 2010

easy as...(pb knockoff pillows)

I am positive a blogger out there has done this before if not several talented ladies, but this was my 1st completed pottery barn project and I am just smitten with the results. These pillows add a sophisticated yet unpretentious element to our family room.

The pillows are premade from Walmart in "fresh ivory" that I purchased on clearance for $2 each due to red dots in the center. Silly red dots trying to steal the show! Black fabric paint hides your ambitions. I then piddled with Word using the text box to supersize my numbers in the Engravers MT font. I then printed my numbers and made my stencil using Contact Paper. After a little cutting, peeling, and painting...I have my welcomed additions to our lovely home.

Follow-up -- I have decided to keep the velvet drapes. The birthday boy convinced me. I decided to make them a tad more alluring with cream so I added ivory sheers that I found at Target for $5 for BOTH (once again -- clearanced)! Granted I had to "de-capri" them....but they look so dreamy nestled next to the rich velvet. I promise to update with pictures once the blinding snow is more subdued, but for the time being just know I am captivated by the imperfect union of the two.


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  1. I LOVE these pillows. The ones I have on our canoe windowseat are looking dingy. I think I'll bleach and see if I can give them some new life. Thanks for the tips! I think they had the perfect touch to your room! Beautiful.

  2. I LOVE your pillows! They turned out great. I've been wanting to make some pillows, but they'll have to wait for now.

  3. Great job with your pillows, they are fabulous! I'm glad you're keeping the velvet curtains up for now, they look great in your room!!

  4. Congrats on one down one to go...can't wait to see what you're working on. I bribe myself all the time...."clean the bathroom, and then go create." :)

  5. You and your cute creative pillows! Love these and I want one, oh but but the Walmart by me is not very nice.
    Maybe Target will have some cheapy pillows? If not Walmart here I come!

  6. Love Them!!! You are making me want to paint some pillows now :)
    ((hugs)) Susie

  7. This is hilarious...I have that on my list of to dos this spring...:) I thought how eas would this be! i don't need the wording on the back of the originals..i just like the numbers...i thought I would do a 5 too...For the number of family members! You did great!You can di=o anything you put your mind to! Thanks for sharing!

    I'd love to invite you over to my blog, Screaming is a decorating blog...

    I have a new hilarious blog, This Family's Gone Crackers...It is about a so called "normal" family, Insanely going gluten free...

    Hope to see you there! Meme


  9. I really enjoy reading your blog and you always leave the sweetest comments on mine.

    I have the Happy 101 Award for you.

  10. Hey! Thanks for visiting my blog! =) First of all. . .I love those pillows!! What a great idea!
    About the lenses that I would recommend. . .50mm 1.4 or 1.8 and I also recommend a fisheye for fun. ;-) I guess it depends on what kinds of pics you will mostly be doing. I do portraits so those work best. If you will do a lot of sports than you may want a zoom lens. Tamron and Sigma lenses are good. Hope that helps!

  11. Ok I just found you and Yea me that I did. I love your pillows, I would have snatched the red dot pillows too! I scrolled through some of your old posts and saw your curtains. I did the same thing too. I didn't measure all the way and they were capri curtains, then I spent a long time taking out the hem and voila the perfect length!

  12. :::muttering wildly to self:::
    Must copy this fabulous project soon. Must find a spot for these in my home. Must explain yet another decor addiction (I mean, addition) to Mr. FC.....

    So thrilled that you kep the chocolate drapes!

  13. I must try these pillows! Yours look fabulous! Can you tell me what size font you used to make the stencils?

  14. Thank you SO much for getting back to me about the fint size. I'll give it a try. And thanks for checking out my blog. I plan to keep up with yours, would love to have you back to mine. :)

  15. Megan, that is so cool! I love those pillows on PB and thought I would love to try them someday too. You did such an awesome job, I'm not sure I could match that.
    Thanks so much for Linking up to The Virginia House!! I'm glad you like the idea and I would love to see more from you in the future!

  16. Love those pillows I'm now a follower- they add that PB look at a fraction of the cost-genious!

  17. Beautiful! What a wonderful idea! I just bought a number pillow for 30.00 and wanted to get another one, I will definitely have to try this!! :)

  18. I love them! Thanks for linking up to Show and Tell Saturday!


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