Monday, February 8, 2010

flat tire + sweet tea= decor confession ***UPDATE - see the very bottom**

I didn’t go to school today. As I was about to buckle my child into his car seat this morning a tad before 8 am, I noticed a FLAT tire that was just glaring back at me. I will spare you the drama that unfolded. I will fast forward to me sitting here at McAlister's sipping sweet tea as my chariot (the wrecker) leaves my car at BigO's as I await for them to install 4 new tires. So I thought now is the best time to engage in a little decor confession.

Funny thing is, I have MANY confessions that I want to share with you. Secrets that I don’t even share with Mr. B or some of my best friends. I truly feel connected to you because I feel that you of all will understand. So…my 1st revealing secret:

I STASH many of my décor purchases and slowly have them “appear” over time.

My trick may not be so tricky but you would be amazed how much stuff I have accumulated over the years and how much stuff can fit in my trunk. I just love decorating, but I have found bringing bags of stuff home does not delight my husband (keep in mind I am quite thrifty, but space is precious in our home which aggravates Mr.B when I crave a decor fix). why am I confessing that I am a decorating chipmunk? Well I am playing with the idea of refreshing my living room. This rejuvenation would possibly lead to jumping on the drop cloth bandwagon and introducing them in my family room.

What about my velvet drapes? Oh I still adore them and might move them into Mr. B’s “play room” --- I mean MAN room, but I am just yearning for Spring. Trust me, I will not get rid of them. I just thought using drop cloth would be a smashing way of incorporating the cream that I already have on my cabinets. Aside from extra drop cloth for drapery panels..I have enough “stashed” from the remnants that I used for the toile pillows to make numbered pillows for my sofa. Like this:

My sofa is that same wheat color as in the picture above so I thought using the drop cloth pillows with a dashing number would be fresh and new for the room. Plus!! There is no competition with my lovely Colette. And lastly, we have a set of French Doors off our dining room that has no window treatment. I could, perhaps, hang another set of drop cloth there too (I would have to make a dash to Home Depot. I don’t have THAT much drop cloth).

What do you think? I plan to stay away from the roads today. I was just not meant to be out today. Which gives me plenty of time to experiment at home.

Ok...I am needy what do you think? Really.


So here is my little experiment:

I "nestered" up some window treatments with my drop cloth (I would make the drapes more tighter with more clips but I just wanted to "see" the effect) and made a PB numbered pillow. I actually used a Walmart premade pillow in "fresh ivory" that was clearanced to $2. The price inspired the number. So what do you think? Would these pillows work rather than making drop cloth pillows and how about the drapes? Mr. B still likes the velvet better, but I am calling for opinions. :)

Stay tuned....


  1. Have I told you about my drop cloth idea? If not, here's the post.

    I love all those ideas...Drop cloths are so versatile! You make me want to get my leftovers and start working! : )

  2. Thought I posted from my phone, but now I don't see it. LOVE the idea of using a drop cloth. I think I'm heading to Home Depot before the snow arrives to buy some! I LOVE those number pillows, and dh flipped through the PB catalog last night and said, "at least we don't have these. " I told him that was one of the next projects. :)
    I save things too and store in the studio closet if they fit. :)

  3. Hi there,
    I love the idea of drop cloth drapes! I made a floor cloth once and the drop cloth was so stiff. Do they get softer after washing, or is there a more light weight one than the one I used?
    You asked about re-selling furniture. I sell mine at a consignment store. They take 50%! I hate that. I know they have their rent to pay, but I can't stand the thought that someone would be willing to pay the price and I'm not getting that full payment. I work so hard on my stuff. I need to work on another avenue for selling. Sometimes the counter people aren't very nice, so if you go this route, ask for the owner. They're usually really helpful. There is another store in town that's 60/40%, but I like the guy I work with. Does that help? And again, I'm really loving the drop cloth drapes idea!

  4. I'm so glad you stopped by my blog, thank you so much! Loving your ideas, exp the drop cloth drapes. 2 years ago I went to HD and purchased a bunch of painters tarpes, gave them a hem and I know have a wonderful outside room, I love it!!!

  5. I see from your tweets that you finished a pillow! Pictures, please!! Also, design question: I see on HGTV that you can go to some place and pick up granite or maybe Corian remnants--do you know what kind of place this might be? We are putting in floor to ceiling bookcases and wanted to put in a built-in desk, too. We were thinking maybe a hard surface for the top, but Geez! that is expensive!

  6. Also, I love your blog...the way your write, the pictures you post, the ideas you come up with. I'll bet you have a list in your mind of possible future blog posts because each seems to be thought out so well!

  7. LOVE the pillow! Great! How did you do the number? I like both curtains...could you change by season? Cozy up with velvet in late Fall and Winter, and put the drop cloth ones up for the other 2 seasons? Just a thought.

  8. I say go for it with the drop cloth drapes! I absolutely love drop cloths and have used them for skirt sinks, bench skirts and slip covers. Easy to work with and easy on the wallet. Too funny about stashing decor items. I've found that as long as I use new pieces to replace others {versus using everything I have all at once which I'm very prone to do} my hubby doesn't notice as quickly. :-)
    Sorry to hear about your car...

  9. Love the pillow. Also-I like the drop cloth drapes. It makes it seem so much brighter. I say put the velvet in the man cave and tell Mr. B that you did it just for him!

  10. Thank you for stopping by and leaving such a sweet comment

  11. I LOVE the drop cloth drapes for the warmer season. You just whipped those up??? Awesome!
    And the pillow...will you make one for me?
    Oh, and I usually don't do it but I have a big bag in my trunk from this morning. Shhhh.

  12. I love the pillow! I say don't worry about the drop cloth pillow; sometimes it's about simple...and that sounds much simpler than making a slipcover of your own. I tried Twittering, but I apparently haven't figured it out, yet!

    Also, I have to go with Mr. B. I like the's warmer and goes with your ottoman/coffee table. Maybe you could use the drop cloth drapes on the French doors!

  13. You have this gift for penning a post so eloquently--confessions and all. Teach me!

    I TOTALLY assimilate decor purchases into our home in a subtle way. When Mr. FC FINALLY notices something & asks how long we'd had it, I just say "a while". Which by then, is sort of true. Ha!

    I still love your chocolate drapes best; they're gorgeous. You version of the numbered pillow is SO much better than anything one can buy in a store. Brilliant.


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