Sunday, October 24, 2010

the art of woe-woeing

I have seen these lovely flowers all over the place. So instead of coming to terms with which wreath to create, my ADD mode kicked into full gear..and I rolled an adorable fabric flower.

I loved how vibrant it looked against my hair. I always bobby pin my hair depending on my rotation site. Why have just a plain bobby pin when I could add some cuteness too?

And it added much needed color to my solids and neutral wardrobe.

Then I had an idea! {no clue as to the odd shadow/smudge on my eyebrows do NOT look like that...but I got tired of trying to get a good picture and thought "good enough."}

I need to make more. I need to make lots more.

It reminded my of "woe-woeing." {this is the term for a technique of comfort I use to do with my satin edged blankie.} I would wrap, twist, and fold. Some had thumb sucking...I had "woe-woeing."

I have a feeling this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.



  1. They ARE cute. I have a whole stash of fabric scraps waiting to make these. I like the pin idea a lot because you know me, I wear lots of black. A need that pop of color.

  2. great job e! They are too darn cute, just like you!
    hope you have a great week with your new rotation!

  3. Love it! Looks like something cute for a little girl, too!

  4. Love! You already know what I'm thinking;)!

  5. Sure, being preggo during school may not be ideal, but I'll bet Thurgood is ready for a little sister or brother! Then you can make these super cute bobby pins if it's a girl! N & I don't plan on waiting long for number two...we could be preggo together!

  6. The preggo couture line doubled (at least!) while I had it since another woman gave me all her's, and Mom added some, and I added a little. So, there is more than enough to share. Everyone knows we are going to start trying when Olivia turns a year old, maybe nine months if Nicholas is game. I LOVE being at home, but if the babies are close together, I can go back to work sooner. Not to mention that Steph and I are 18 months apart and we are the closest.

  7. How cute! I can see you using all different kinds of fabric and rotating them out. I like it on your sweater too.

  8. So cute! Why am I so scared to try fun things in my hair? Silly. I guess I need to give it a whirl. I may be rolling flowers tomorrow.... :)

  9. Loving this!! so cute.
    Have fun this weekend!


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