Monday, October 18, 2010

attempting: dinner

I love getting emails from you.

When night falls upon my house and everyone is tucked away, I relish in the opportunity to "catch up" on all my blogs and read my emails. I have it down to a science...and believe me, amid finishing this PharmD, completing rotations, raising a son, loving a husband, and has to be a science.

Which leads me to an interesting question that I got from a reader. How do I find the time to blog and do everything else, like cook dinner?  Great question...and I am still tinkering around till I get the right answer.

Well 3 years ago when I took on the role of being a student again, I had to adjust my dinner routines to studying {I study when Thurgood goes to bed till I am done studying...which can be late -- very late}. I had to let go an old new years resolution to make 1 new meal every week and focus on what I knew & what could be a quick fix if needed. .And here was my solution -- planned themed meals.

Sound weird? Well, I know lots of people who plan their meals weekly and even monthly. But, I prefer a different approach. I prefer themes.

Interestingly enough, people either love it or hate it. I love routines and this allows me to indulge in my routine with a smidge of creative impulse.

Plus when I know when I skipped going to the store Sunday because I had a project due Monday AM and now it is Monday PM and I have nothing at home....I know that Monday night is Italian night.

It is such a relief! I can run in, grab what I need with a "guided" focus, and have dinner made just as fast as Mr. B can throw a pot of water on the stove.

My routine is this:
Monday - Italian night {everything from lasagna to pesto salmon to spaghetti & meatballs. If Giada can cook it then I will try it.}
Tueday - Ethnic night {enchiladas to filipino adobo to chinese bourbon chicken to build your own taco -- a MUST for finals week}
Wednesday - Pizza {we order in, we make our own, and yes, we even pop in a frozen one.}
Thursday - Comfort food {roasted chicken, pot roast, dumplings, breaded chicken tenders..and mashed potatoes to boot}
*my kitchen is closed on Friday & Saturday
Sunday - Soup {there is nothing like a pot of soup on the stove to nibble & slurp on throughout the day}

So here is a glimpse of last week:

Monday ~ Chicken Alfredo w/breadsticks

Tuesday ~ Bourbon Chicken & Jasmine Rice

Wednesday ~ Pizza from a local eatery {w/feta cheese..yum}

Thursday ~ Pulled Chicken BBQ in Raspberry Chiptole Sauce & Bleu Cheese Slaw

Sunday ~ My version of O'Charley's Loaded Potato Soup
pic from

That is my attempt at dinner.

So my real point in this post..have any great recipes to share? :)



  1. I'm in the "like" category. Figuring out what to make for dinner each night can be such a headache. I'd definitely be up for the "Pizza Wednesdays"! And of course the kitchen needs to close sometimes:)

  2. We do something similar. I meal plan on Sunday afternoons, shop on Mondays (and it seems like shop every other day with my son eating so much), and it rolls from there. We have Mexican on Tues or Th, and always pizza on Fridays. Sundays are usually breakfast for dinner nights...pancakes, waffles, etc. with more toppings than usual. :)
    I love your theme nights for every night of the week!

  3. Having a theme night is a good and creative idea ... a good way to avoid boredom! I need to use this idea ... actually looking forward to our Mexican theme lunch today, a treat since we don't eat out that often.

    Your food photos were excellent, made me hungry ♥

  4. I thought I was the only one who did this! Why oh why don't we live closer? Our resolution this year was to incorporate one soup or salad night a week and one vegetarian meal a week. We did it to save $$ & hopefully drop a few pounds. I'm not sure we succeeded at either but my soup & salad arsenal is growing :) I've ben working on the sharing recipes ideas myself. I have something fun I found over the weekend that I will share with you after the kids go to bed tonight. I think you will love it!

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  6. Oh yeah, forgot to mention ... those pictures are making me HUNGRY! You are going to have to share the Bourbon Chicken & BBQ recipes

  7. wow! great plan. I had a similar plan when I was wife and mom. Now... no plan! Which is not really a good thing, but for now, that's how I roll.
    have a good one e

  8. You, my dear, just re-sparked my cooking juices! (Did things just get weird in here.....) I am totally going to use your method -- so simple to follow that I'll actually stick to it!

    We are loving this stuffed shells recipe:

  9. YUM. All of that food looks so incredibly yummy and I absolutely adore the idea of theme nights to help keep cooking organized. I am all about the crock pot recipes this time of year! There's nothing like coming home and having your meal cooked, hot and ready to be eaten.

    And let me say, I am so bummed to have missed your giveaway!!!! I have been swooning over that butter dish ever since you showed it off on your blog and my birthday is October 17th! I love that we are libra sisters. :) Serves me right for being so behind!!

  10. Tried and true jambalaya:

    I leave out the onion because Nicholas is not a fan. I use turkey sausage because it is better for you. Otherwise, I follow the recipe.


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