Sunday, October 10, 2010

harvest homecoming

Every year I have an annual date with my husband's uncle, Uncle Johnny. We stroll through downtown New Albany, Indiana as the town celebrates their fall festival.

Every year we are on a mission: to get the best chicken dumplings & apple dumplings.

We are dumpling kinda people.

Every year we are successful. We are successful because we go to the same places: The Redmen's Club for their yummy chicken dumplings & the Elm Street Presbyterians for their whole apple scrumptious dumplings.

We always have a tale to tell...but this year (in the 5 years we have had this annual date), I was FINALLY able to get to eat THE DONUTS.

The average wait time is 2 hrs. Yes. People stand in line for 2 hours to devour their limit of 2 dozens per order.

Every year Uncle Johnny tells me he will stand in line for me, but I never do it. This year I was lucky. There were only 4 people in line. We jumped in line.

Granted we caused a massive line to form behind us because I screamed out, "There are only 4 people in line?!", but no matter we were order number 5.

And how many did I actually order? 3 donuts. As the Masons told me, I am the 1st person to ever only get 3. Hehehe..what can I say. I barely finished my 3rd one on our drive home. But oh my...I can see why people wait.

Well this year after hearing me speak of "the best dumplings" Trisha Lou wanted to go, so this Sunday...we went.

I took her to the "bootleg" booth for the Redmen's Club. They sell their dumplings outside their back door. It feels so sneaky, but is so fun. They even got the lovely cook to come out and smile for us. Even though she refused to tell me her name when she found out this was going on my blog. She said she was too embarrassed by her hair & oven mitt hands. I think she was adorable.

We then strolled among the booths.

Truth be told....we secretly hope to have a booth there next year. We love crafting. We love working together. We love harvest.

Now the question is...what lovely wares would our booth consist of?

We have a few ideas that we are playing with. I am just so ADD when it comes to crafts....oh me oh my.

So I am curious.

What booths immediately cause you to go look?

What types of accessories or doodads have a gravitational pull on you? {for, hair accessories, bath & body, and kid stuff...they get me every time}

Here is to our plan Miss Trisha Lou! I can picture our little booth now. :)



  1. Really enjoyed your fall festival photographs. I miss going to events like that. Years ago I used to participate in art/craft shows. It is a goal of mine to get back to those when we move.

    What's a good idea for a booth? Something that shows your passion is a good place to start.

    Dumplings and donuts ... two things I love! Thanks for sharing your wonderful day.

  2. I blogged (a lot) about a local festival and I think my commenters were liking the garden art made of vintage pieces of glassware...probably wasn't too difficult to do with the right kind of glue!!!
    You can see the Bloom girls on my blog!!!
    Dumplings...chicken and apple...ooohhh that sounds so good...and only 3 donuts...willpower girl!!!

  3. Ok--so those were definitely the best dumplins!! The hubby even liked them! And the poor puppy eyed me pitifully while I ate them so I had to give him a bite. After that he wouldn't leave me alone :(. The only thing I fear about getting a booth there is the weight that I will inevitably put on!

  4. Hi e!
    So you've been making pillows? Cool. I hope you enjoy sewing although I know you have NO TIME!!! Can't wait to see what you're making!

  5. Mmmmm...donuts! Any booths with furniture or wood crafts usually catch my eye.

  6. Would you believe I've never been to Harvest Homecoming? Well, maybe once way back when. My sister used to set up two booths every year. Since her husband passed away, she hasn't been there. (2 years) They had all wood stuff, country stuff. Quilt holders, toilet paper holders, and TONS of abc letters that she just dropped off to me to sell next week at Glendale.
    You should know what sells, since you just went to St James and H. Homecoming. :) I wouldn't have a CLUE. At glendale, I rarely get to see anything that is not on the way to the bathroom. And that's only about 4 booths this year.
    Keep me posted, and bounce anything off me you want to.


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