Tuesday, October 5, 2010

my love affair with glass

I chose glass.

Those little crystal flowers had me at hello. I just needed a little enabling to go ahead and "scum" shop for myself so close to my birthday.

And the furniture getting the dainty baubles? My master bedroom dresser. I love how it lightens the dark wood. (Yes that is my cable line. This is how I roll..dainty glass knobs with hideous cable cord.)

I also love how the glass knobs curtsey at my battan & board.

My little green topiaries look even more at home. (Mr. B's side)

Because we all love a great BEFORE & AFTER:

BEFORE (excuse me while I die from embarrassment)

And Happily ever AFTER! Look at my lovely cream magnolias peeking in the mirror.

I am giddy that my master bedroom is slowly evolving into the room I envisioned..and one that I truly love.



  1. Gorgeous! Don't be embarrassed...the before makes it even more dramatic. :) Huge progress has been made. It's amazing what a wide angle lens can show isn't it? :) Hope you are well!

  2. oh my goodness...that room looks wonderful!
    Love the pictures!

  3. e... it's gorgeous! I love the knobs. The color of that dresser is awesome!
    one more day!!!

  4. GORGEOUS!! I'm in love with the knobs!!!

    Hope your tooth starts feeling better, can't believe again! I"m sorry!

  5. Coming along nicely. Looks gorgeous and I'm still waiting for the big reveal. Course, things always take longer than expected! Those knobs are perfect!

  6. The glass knobs are beautiful, I love glass and what a good design...they are classic. That was a great idea, using those.

    Thank you for visiting my blog.


  7. Glass knobs are one of my favorite things and they can add such zing to any piece! I love what you did to them. And I agree, I love a really "good" before picture!

  8. LOVE the glass and the sneak peek at your room redo. Can't wait to see more of those magnolia flowers - hello gorgeous! Got your emails (blushing) and I agree, I think we found each other again for a reason too. Not losing you this time chica :) We've got waaaay too much in common. BTW, picked up a carmel apple candle at Wally World today and I'm going out tomorrow to get all the ingredients for the cider :)

  9. Hi there. LOVE this glimpse into your bedroom redo. Isn't it amazing how pretty knobs can totally transform a so-so piece into a fantastic, room-changing piece? Love it! And thanks for checking out my blog!


  10. You completely transformed that piece of furniture!! Ohhhhh, I am so loving this little peek. I'm totally getting a French colonial meets new world glam meets coastal cottage vibe.....am I close? You don't have to say it, I already know what you're thinking. FC, put down the wine......

    (The more embarassing the BEFORE, the more I love the AFTER btw!)

  11. love the glass knobs. Your bedroom looks fantastic.

  12. thanks for linking up! I needed an extra knob (from the swag bag) but I didn't have a friend to give it to me. ;)
    have a great weekend!

  13. That is a beautiful dresser. I love the crystal knobs! It looks like jewelry for the furniture! You room is gorgeous.

  14. wow...truly gorgeous! I am slowly working on my master bedroom too. But I am being hindered by lack of gorgeous furniture such as yours.

    Thanks for stopping by to check out my Organizing post the other day - I hope you do implement the outbox!


  15. Beautiful, E!!

    Don't be embarrassed. My before photos of my bedroom have a half nekkid toddler running through them. LOL

    Good job with this one!

  16. Oh, it's beautiful!!! Love the glass knobs, the board and batten, and the accessories. Don't be embarrassed...my master looks awful right now. :s I'm visiting from Rhoda's party. Hope you'll stop by my blog to say hi. :)

  17. Very pretty, and I like that we get a little peek of the rest of the room in the mirror! :-)


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