Tuesday, January 26, 2010

capri pants do not flatter everyone

Capri pants have had their moment in fashion. They have graced the bodies of many of my favorite actresses:

Audrey Hepburn


Mary Tyler Moore

Laura Petrie

But their aspects of flattery can only travel so far, and windows with “Capri” drapes are NOT flattering.

I purchased these scrumptious velvet drapes at Tar-jay on sale and with a birthday gift card from one of my dearest friends.

chocolate velvet drapes

Sadly I did not calculate the height when you use a grommet drape. Hence, I had Capri drapes.

Luckily the Christmas Tree blocked my dilemma into mid January, but then once the tree came down I had to face my problem head on.

Now I should have been studying Therapeutics, but I seem to notice decor flaws more while I am studying than anytime else. Sitting at my dining room table, I could not stand those capri drapes snickering at me any longer. So I immediately jumped at the chance (to avoid studying)..I mean to figuring out a solution..heart failure can wait. Hehe!

While crouching down on my knees trying to see if I could cheat with a wide burlap ruffle, I noticed the drapes had a 3 inch hem. All I needed was a little more fabric! Eureka! It was serendipity.

Out came a safety pin (I had no time to hunt for my seam ripper) and I ripped.

And ripped.

And ripped.

And now, I have conquered my Capri drapes.

Yes, there is Atticus AGAIN! The little fluff ball is always in a pic. I swear I do not "place" him. And yes, there is my Bath and Body diffuser on the ground. And yes, I know my sheers are not to the floor, but #1 that doesn't bother me as much as the chocolate capris and #2 it gives me an excuse to find something else later.

And so with a glorious smile and overwhelming sense of contentment, I can now head back to my therapeutic notes.



  1. I hate capri drapes, too! What a name : )

    Your solution worked like a charm! Looks great!

  2. Henceforth, I shall use the term "capri drapes" as necessary and give you credit for coining the term. Hilarious!!!!

    What a spectacular solution, my friend! Those gorgeous drapes now "kiss" the ground perfectly. I'll have to do this to my drapes in the MBR--it's like they're fearing a flood in there, seeing how they're barely touching the floor. D'oh!

    And awwww, Atticus.

    (Your thoughts on "manpri's"? You know, men wearing capri pants. ::shudder:: They're everywhere in my yoga loving town.)

  3. Manpri's!!! Why oh why!!! I have always thought that that word sounds like a manatee mutation. Luckily that "trend" has yet to hit the Louisville area. But give it time. We seem to filter things in the South/Midwest..but not unfortunately, we do not filter enough.

    Glad I could make you smile. :)


  4. Sadly, I have had Capri drapes for over a year. I keep meaning to fix them with some fringe or a ruffle or something, but this may be my answer! I just looked at mine, and they have a huge hem, as well! Woo hoo!

    You, my dear, are a genius. : )

  5. yay for draperies with generous hems!!! they look great and chocolate velvet is way cool....

  6. You go girl! I had to add a strip of fabric to mine once because they were that short. Great job ;) Susie~

  7. perfect name for drapes {and for the record, i am not a capri wearer for the reason that they look sillier on me than the capri length drapes!} LOVE how you fixed them. brilliant!

  8. Hey Megan,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and sharing your beautiful story. What a wonderful memory.
    Your capri drapes made me laugh, but what a clever fix. Took a bit of time, saved some dough.

  9. LOL! Love your cute name for flooding drapes! I love it. Glad your fix was easy, now they are perfect! Just found your blog....off to read a bit more.

  10. So funny with the capri drapes! Mine are a little puddly on the floor and the first time my dad saw them, he said "Now, you're going to hem those up a little, right" Uh yeah, dad, I think I'll start taking my decorating advice from you. ;)

    ps- We were just in Louisville the beginning part of Dec! We ate at the most amazing Italian dive while we were there. Fun city!


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