Monday, March 8, 2010

a heart filled thank you

Thank you all for your sweet words and endearing thoughts. The support I have found among all of you strengthens my soul with a much stronger fiber than I ever could have imagined. Just for an update, Lola is scheduled to have a second MRI with a focus on her gallbladder. It is a numbing process but she is doing better. We are just so hopeful that she will soon be discharged and can start some rehab therapy in pursuit of a better quality of life. Thurgood was running on all cylinders by Saturday. I believe he was battling a little bug. Taking my test on Friday with him not being 100% made for an interesting testing environment. With my phone on vibrate and set up against the wall, I anxiously awaited to get “the call” during my test, but luckily two hours went by and nothing. The rest of the day was filled with nonstop Mommy and Thurgood time.

Now to share with you some happy pictures from a baby shower for one of my best friends, Christine, that documents Thurgood’s first boy-girl tiff AND his first kiss…with Abby the 3 year old daughter of my other best friend Stephanie). I am THRILLED that I captured these..and they are in EXACT order as the events happened.

The stuffed puppy that caused it all...the fight and the makeup.

I found the two behind the screen while the fight was at its intensity. I asked Thurgood what was wrong. He said, "Abby, won't share her puppy." I LOVE this picture!

The act that caused them to be friends again. Abby said, "Sorry." Then gave him his 1st kiss!

Look at Thurgood's smile. Oh my will I have my hands full.

So looks like we have the beginnings of an arranged marriage or the beginnings of friends for life. ...either way, Steph and I will be thrilled.

Thank you again friends for being just friends.



  1. What doll faces they have!! And your photography is spot on! Love it!

    School and work can take as much of your time and energy as you will allow. I'm glad that friends and family are what they are to you.

  2. yes e, i think you will have your hands full, little thurgood is really too cute! love the moments you captured. priceless!

    thank you so much for giving my blog a mention! you really are too sweet! i feel like us newbies are doing this together and i really love to come by and get inspired by you.

    hope your grandma is doing ok.

    have a great week!
    londen xoxo

  3. нαρρу ωσмαи'ѕ dαу тσ αℓℓ нєяє =D

  4. They are both two little cuties! Hope all is well with your grandma--mine is the light of my life. : )

  5. Oh, that Thurgood. Destined to be a ladies man! So is there anything you're not good at? Those photos are perfect! Great photography!

    And how amazing would that be if your son one day married your best friend's little girl? My friend and I have been joking about forcing our future children to fall in love.

    P.S. - Lettered Cottage guest room wall? Brilliant! You are way too smart!!

  6. So fun that you captured these moments! What a treasure to have!
    I do hope your Grandma has been discharged and is starting therapy. It's so hard to juggle sometimes isn't it?
    Hugs to you!

  7. I hate I have missed so many of your posts! I will have to go back this week and catch up.

    I have a picture of one of my best friend's daughters with my Kiddo when she was 3 and he was about 8 months old (yes, she's an older woman!), and Lisa and I have said for a long time we want an arranged marriage. Now that she's 13 and he's 10, they already fight like an old married couple! :D

  8. oh how cute are those two!! Your little man is a heartbreaker already :)

  9. so precious!!! thanks for you sweet comment. i hope all is well with lola!

  10. LOL! This is the cutest post, ever! MY God, he's grown and so freaking handsome!

  11. The little darlings!! Hello, most adorable betrothal EVER.


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