Monday, March 1, 2010

trusting your instincts

We all have them. Maybe it is that little voice or a defined gravitational pull, but all of us at one time or another experience a moment where our gut is trying to speak to us. Well I think mine has indigestion. I can not for the life of me figure out what my gut is trying to say to me when it comes to my master bedroom.

It is so frustrating!

As you all know I have been in the process of perfecting my master bedroom. I want it to be a refuge away from pharmacy school and away from tedious external stressors. But seriously, the process in itself is becoming a stressor.

I use to teach the following concept to my students: Examine what you know versus what you think. I KNOW it is time to now take my own here we go:

I know I love neutrals.

I know I love texture.

I know I want to smile when I walk into my bedroom.

I think my new pillow speaks to me more than my toile pillow.

I think an old décor crush is now a décor love. (stay tuned for more on this)

I think I might have to reexamine my design plan.

If only had the solution. Thurgood loves playing the Curious George game. I find myself already SHARING my computer with him nowadays. I need to is Curious George time. :)



  1. So pretty!
    And Curious George is great!

  2. Love the little face...adorable. The bedding in the second photo is gorgeous. I would say go with your gut, but my gut has decorating ADD...

  3. It's hard. I think we all from time to time hit this roadblock. We know what we like, we have a picture, or two to show for it, but the room just doesn't feel done. I tell myself to walk away and let it evolve. Sometimes that all your can do and figure it out little by little.

  4. It sounds like your gut is speaking loud and clear, your choices are beautiful, if that is what you're leaning towards. If not, then give it more time. That's what I do when the answer isn't coming throug loud and clear. Because if I just go ahead and "do something", I am always sorry.
    I do love your colors and choices so far, though.
    Hugs, Cindy S.

  5. I hate design frustrations. Feeling stuck! I was that way until the other night. Finally I know the direction I want to go! Hang in there it will all come togther! Great choices, so far your off to a great start ~lulu

  6. I'm a first timer to your blog and have been reading about your Master Bedroom dilemma. I know exactly how you feel as I'm currently blogging about making decisions throughout the main floor. Good luck, with all of your decisions. I look forward to seeing how it all turns out.

  7. I'll tell you what DOESN'T help when trying to make design decisions...all the fabulous, awesome blogs we pour over. They send me into total confusion because I want to replicate so many of the different styles I see.
    Good luck with finding that special style.

  8. Wonderful pics! Little Thurgood is absolutely adorable. I'd have a hard time getting anything done with that cute little face looking at me! Oh decisions....being in blogland there are so many wonderful rooms to be inspired from. I get overwhelmed. I love texture too, and those choices are beautiful. You WILL get there. Enjoy the journey!
    XO- Julie

  9. Once you focus your energy elsewhere it will come to you! This happens to me frequently and once I get frustrated enough to let it go~ I have a vision of the perfect solution for my home.
    Your little one is just too precious!!! :)

  10. No worries. Your taste is immaculate. Everything I've seen has been gorgeous. It's like when you can't think of the word for something and you just sit there racking your brain and it doesn't pop up. But then you walk away from it, forget about it and suddenly it's right there. I think if you just take a little break and walk away from it, you'll have that big epiphany where you suddenly know exactly what you need.

    And anyway, who can go wrong with neutrals and textures? I can't wait to see what you have up your sleeves!

  11. Now that is just the cutest lil face I ever did see~~~ ((hugs)) Susie~

  12. Your little guy is too cute!!
    Our bedroom needs some love but that will have to wait. Can't wait to see your progress, Im sure it will be fabulous and give me inpiration!

  13. Thanks Megan for stopping by @ Creamy White. As I'm just starting blogging I feel so blessed to receive comments from diferent people around the world. I love the pillows, your pictures. I gave me a nice inspiration to sew more pillows, as I'm sewing some at the moment.
    Many hugs, Li

  14. I love the new pillows, too! I say, yes, go with your gut! I'm absolutely confident in saying that it will be fabulous!

  15. I'm a total cheese ball and left you a little blog love:

    Have a great day, friend!!

  16. Thanks for checking out my blog! I'm very new to this but loving it. I hope you continue to follow me. Great pillows!!
    Take Care,

  17. Sometimes that all your can do and figure it out little by little.
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  18. Good luck with your bedroom! We all deserve a place to retreat.

    I gave you a blog award over on my blog. Check it out! Hope you will participate!

  19. This made me laugh...the sharing your computer with Curious George bit :) I've been known to do that so often....half of my screen is pbskids and the other is blogger :) Your little man is just so adorable! Aren't boys just hilarious? I'm glad to hear I'm not the only girl with a fort in my living room! ps...I added the recipe link for the cookies to my post about pink. Actually..I could just add it here:


  20. Who sells the pintuck pillows?


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