Thursday, March 25, 2010

a spring challenge: blooming branches for Lola

Living with Lindsay is having a $5 challenge (with Dollar Store goodies and such) AND since I am on Spring Break, I figured I could try my hand at making something lovely.

Just so I can get your is a peek of the AFTER (besides I adore AFTERS is like having dessert 1st):

Here is what I started with:

My 5 items for $5. How exciting! So....Now what? Well, I then got out my flower punch and white cardstock. I then punched away.

After punching oodles of flowers, I doubled them attaching them with some Modge Podge.

I had some left over cream spray paint from my little numbered sweet pots (love that name), and decided to create my own cream vase. Even though you can’t see it, there was a chip on my back to the Dollar Tree for another glass (a high ball glass).

Returning home, I sprayed them cream and removed a few twigs from my neighbor’s bushes (thank you Uncle Keith) and here is a pic of the chaos before the beauty:

I glued the sprayed high ball glass to the candlestick and then stuffed the floral foam into the glass. I then placed the twigs in the foam and glued my Spanish Moss on top with those delicate glitter eggs nestled among the moss.

I then glued my flowers ever so randomly and dotted the piece with 2 left over butterflies from my other project.

Here is the completed project (sorry I had to take pics in the garage..rainy days and bad lighting cause you to work with what you have):

a nice shot of the cream vase (I think it turned out lovely)

the glitter eggs and a butterfly...perfection

blooms that remind me of delicate and sweet

the final piece..if only the garage floor complimented her better

This little piece is going to my Lola as she is in rehab and her room is in need of some spring cheer. Hope you all love my little project as much as I do.


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  1. Hey girl! That is beautiful! I'm sure Lola will love it and appreciate it!

  2. Very creative! I love it! I too enjoy the after's first! I love the wow factor! Great post! Iam sure Lola will love something made from the heart! Priceless ~lulu

  3. The petals are so pretty and dainty. Very creative - what a great spring piece!

  4. Very springy. Looks like it cost more than $5. Great job.

  5. Very pretty and delicate. I did something similar too!

  6. What a great project! You are one crafty and creative gal. Happy Spring!

  7. I love the little flowers you punched out! This is fantastic!

  8. OMG they turned out to be so adorable, I love them!!! Thanks for all your kind comments on my blog, It's so nice to have blog friends that can share in my excitment.

  9. Oh how clever! I love the Dollar Store, and I am looking at it in a whole new light!

  10. Great project. I love the sweet little flowers too.

  11. Oh my gosh I love your finished piece it's beautiful! Now I have got to go get one of those flower punchers ;)

  12. Martha Stewart Living did this in the "Best" issue for made Martha proud! They look fantastic! Now, if only I could use spray paint!

  13. I love it and call me crazy but I really like the look of it on your garage floor! :)
    Great job.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  14. You have just inspired me to run to $ Tree! Sooooo cute! I know your Lola will adore it!

  15. Lovely and a sweet gift for a friend in need of cheer!

    Art by Karena

    Come follow I have a giveaway coming up soon!

  16. Oh how gorgeous, you are so creative. I love your flowers, so cute! I just found your blog and I am really looking forward to reading more! xx

  17. I must say that the industrial look of the concrete garage floor is the PERFECT backdrop for such a whimsically beautiful arrangement. I just love how you layered the flower cutouts for more dimension. Lola will love this.

    And oh my word, I HAVE to create my own vase now. Been searching for a vase like this everywhere and you've just inspired me to make my own. So much inspiration in one post, I can barely stand it.

    **breathe FC, breathe**

  18. I love the little flowers they are the PERFECT little detail. So dainty and perfect!

  19. So cute! E, I did something very similar to this for Easter Tablescape Part 3! I will post on Tuesday!

  20. This is so cute! Beautiful job for a great price too.
    I hope your enjoying your break!


  21. What a great project! It just shouts, "Spring!".
    Great job!

  22. So beautiful!! You did another fabulous job! And Freckles Chick left a comment? Girl, you're a celebrity these days!

    I hope Lola feels better. Your beautiful work will certainly boost her spirits. :)

  23. I would have never guessed you made that out of dollar store items. Looks awesome!

  24. This is gorgeous! What a beautiful way to brighten Lola's day! I never thought of spray painting glass. Now I may have a solution for some of the ugly vases I own. Look out! :)
    I hope you had a wonderful week with your family and are ready to plow ahead this week, refreshed.
    I'm happy to be back in blogland...I've missed you!

  25. love love love it!


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