Wednesday, March 31, 2010


My son is a picky eater. There I said it. Whew! I am relieved beyond belief. I no longer have to hide in shame or fear of what you might think. It is out there and now we can move on.

The funny thing is of all the people in the world to have a picky eater it would be me.

I am not picky AT ALL. I adore food. I adore people when they cook for me (you better believe me if someone cooked for me I will eat it). I adore the smells...the conversations...the memories.

I LOVE dining in every possible form...whether it is at a kitchen table, a diner stool, a vendor cart or even a 20 star restaurant...I love eating because I love the experience that comes with it. husband...he is Mr. Picky. He likes about 5 things. (And I am not joking! Even though I think I can now push his limit to 8 --- afterall, I have rubbed off a little on him over the years.)

So I guess I have 2 picky eaters. But at least the older one can bend his habits. Confirmation of this was on our 3rd date. I was unaware of his picky habits and I took him to a Filipino festival. Mr. B did not wince once as I piled NONE of his 5 favorites on his fact FAR from it. (He hates onions which is unheard of in Filipino cooking.)

Why bring Mr. B into this? Well, I think taste buds are genetic. They must be because my son eats just like his father..with his eyes.

As I am trying to "reform" my son's eating habits I could not be more thrilled when I came across these. Pure eye "candy" for the picky eater at another lunch:

A hard boiled egg shaped as a bunny? Swooning!

Those cucumbers look so yummy tucked up in the corner.

Love the idea of rolling the meat & cheese. I would do this for my lunch.

Who knew butterflies could be so cute as cheese?

Love those rolled "sushi" jelly sandwiches and those hearts. (Then again maybe no hearts for the little man, but definitely they could be found on my Bento lunch).

So guess what I am doing tomorrow? Haha...after I work on the Master Bedroom of course.

Thought I was finished, but I just found these pics on my camera and had to share.

Perfect example for you!
We had a small egg hunt for Thurgood and his cousin Brock on Saturday.

Thurgood wanted to taste the egg. I was pleased! But here is what happened after Mr. B offered him a bite. Look at him purse those lips!

So it looks like this mom will try a little Bento Magic. And even if he doesn't LOVE it, I have lunch for the next day. :)

Wish me luck!



  1. Wow, those lunches are spectacular! I would love for someone to prepare my lunch for me like that! Good luck. My son started off eating everything, then he stopped eating most things and now (at 10 years old) he is finally eating most things again (some of them with a lot of bribing). I was told to just keep offering all foods and you never know! xx

  2. I love food, too! It's hard to imagine that everyone doesn't!! Good luck in the preparing!! They look great to me!

  3. ohhh, those lunches are so cute! I hope it works...I am a picky eater, so I understand mr b and little mr t
    good luck on the bedroom. I'm always here when you and tricia lou find the time, just let me know, k?
    enjoy the beautiful day we're having today.

  4. That is so cool! I saw a crochet TV dinner the other day, can't remember where, but it still wasn't as cute as this!

  5. Those bento boxes are too cute! I would have to fill it with oreos and donuts for my little suger-a-holic....there's no fooling her. :(
    Your pre-easter egg hunt looked like a success.

  6. Those are so creative! Thanks for sharing your find because we all need help with the picky eater! Off to see what the bento boxes are all about.
    Have a happy Easter!

  7. Lunch just got A LOT more fun (and w/out the crazy Bento box sushi prices). I'm devouring these pics!! The best part is that these are such well-rounded meals both visually and nutritionally--protein, calcium, fruit, veggies. Can't wait to hear how Little T likes Bento box lunches (hopefully more than the egg sampling incident--HA!).

    Reason #52 of why we could potentially be BFF's: I love food. I can appreciate everything from sushi to falafel to curry to Kraft shells n' cheese and everything in between.

  8. There is a science to introducing food to a child.. I would have to do a little research but I know it takes a number of times(like 15-20). Keep putting little samples on his plate soon enough he might try it. It takes them longer to decide what they like and how it smells and feels. I know many times the kid knows mama is they play their own game. He KNOWS you're thinking about it and possibly stressing.. Mostly I would give many options and don't play games. No deals etc. Give him his food and act normal. Dont make meal time all about whether or not he is eating what you want him to.
    I have a kid who wont eat tomatoes but will eat pickled herring right out of the jar! Sometimes it doesn't make sense.

  9. I have a few picky ones as well, it can drive you crazy! I love these ideas, thanks for sharing!
    Have a wonderful weekend

  10. Thanks for sharing! All of those lunches look WONDERFUL. Who wouldn't gobble up all of that goodness??? It's all in the presentation for me. :-)


  11. Awww, what a cutie and I love bentos!

  12. Wow! That is superb! I love the bento idea.


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